NY Koen Group (Dubai) to Invest in and Construct a $500 Million Trade and Exhibition Center Near Ukrainian Capital Kiev

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Published January 29th, 2019 - 09:45 GMT
NY Koen Group
NY Koen Group

Naum Koen, Founder and CEO of NY Koen Group, has recently announced the news that his well established holding group will be funding and constructing a large complex to be used for exhibitions and trade shows, with the development process starting in January 2019. The multipurpose space, named NY Trade Centre Kiev, that will cost $500 million, is located on a plot of 105 hectares and just 13 kilometers from the the Ukrainian capital on the Odessa highway. The sizeable space will include within its area, 10,000 selling bays for the wholesale market and an exhibition center, which will be comprised of hotels, restaurants and showcase halls.

The inaugural opening is anticipated for January 2021, which will involve opening the space to the wholesale market, with the exhibition center opening following 2 years after that. 

“As well as an exhibition hall and a trade complex, we plan to build a large concert hall that will be able to accommodate a capacity of 7,000 people. The NY Trade Center Kiev is designed with three main workings in mind, – a trade complex, an exhibition complex and a concert hall,” – commented Naum Koen on the project. Naum Koen has also suggested that the co-investor of the project may well be Cyrus Poonawalla, an Indian business magnate who founded and runs Poonawalla Group, which umbrellas Serum Institute of India, a world leading vaccine manufacturer. 

Background Information

NY Koen Group

NY Koen Group is an international holding company that was founded in 2010 by Naum Koen, a businessman who is actively developing projects around the world in a wide range of industries including jewelry and diamond manufacturing, aviation, digital technologies and construction.

From the very moment of its inception, NY Koen Group had a strong focus on various markets and countries, with a distinct preference for an international format of cooperation. Today the geography of their activity covers the following countries: United Arab Emirates, India, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, USA and Hong Kong. The main principles of management strategy in NY Koen Group holding, laid down by the founder, Naum Koen, also include debugging the full production cycle. This allows the company have full quality control and meet high standards at all stages of production. Production activities of NY Koen Group include, diamond cutting in India, jewelry production in Dubai and amber production in Dubai and Ukraine. Throughout its existence, NY Koen Group and its subsidiary companies have received well deserved recognition and trust of their clients, retail customers and partners with whom they have established trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships. Some of the companies NY Koen Group has partnered with are world-renown companies such as Alrosa, Cyrus Poonawalla Group, Jacob & Co, Silk Way Business Aviation, SOBHA Group, Al - Arfaj Group Company and Viaan Mobile Group.

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