Oman Arab Bank employees showcase their final research projects

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Published January 18th, 2017 - 10:21 GMT
During the event
During the event

As part of Oman Arab Bank’s commitment to develop and improve the skills of its employees, the 20 delegates participating in the Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) program have successfully completed the last module where they presented their projects to the Bank’s Executive Management team. The six month development program, comprising of four modules, was an initiative to enrich the careers of young and talented Omanis through capacity-building leadership and management trainings.

The final module discussed areas such as strategic leadership, problem analysis and ways to create a positive impact within OAB through continuous improvement of skills and resources. With areas such as development of leadership styles, self-awareness and strategic management highlighted in the first three modules, the last segment focused on personal development planning including ways to self-measure progress and improve personal accountability. Several delegates also presented research topics relevant to the challenges in the Banking and Finance sector with their recommendations on how to address such issues.

Chaired by Mr. Amin Al Husseini, CEO of OAB, the Bank management established a LEAD Mentoring Group (LMG) consisting of a number of the Bank’s senior management team. The role of LMG aimed to identify potential talents in the various banking and finance fields and provide the LEAD delegates with all the support and guidance needed for their progress. The Group is also responsible for identifying project areas that are relevant to the participants to aid them in gaining deeper experience of the industry.

Commenting on the sessions, Mr. Amin Al Husseini said, “Identifying and nurturing potential leaders of the Banking and Finance Industry is an important aspect of our talent acquisition and development strategy. By creating this initiative along with a mentoring group that can guide them beyond the scope of the training, we are looking to continue to positively impact and contribute to developing the national talent in the Sultanate.”

Committed to building the capacity of its employees, OAB launched the six months LEAD program to foster the talents of tomorrow’s national leaders through four specialized modules. Boasting an Omanization rate of 90% within their staff, OAB has established itself as an employer of choice by strongly investing in the growth of its staff through multi-faceted training and development programs.

Background Information

Oman Arab Bank

Oman Arab Bank SAOC was established in 1984 following the acquisition of Arab Bank’s branches in the Sultanate. Over the past three decades, the Bank has consistently expanded its reach as well as its products and services offering to provide customers in the country with a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions in Retail banking, Corporate and Project finance, Investment banking, trade finance and most recently, Islamic Banking.

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