TestManager automated regression testing is core to Al Hilal Bank’s T24 program

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Published May 16th, 2013 - 08:41 GMT
Al Hilal Bank
Al Hilal Bank

In December 2010 Al Hilal selected The Core Banking Group’s industry leading testing software - TestManager. The Bank chose TestManager because of its ability to provide the automated functional and regression testing that was required to complete its phased implementation of the Temenos T24 core banking system.

Now in 2013, Al Hilal continue to leverage this investment in Test Automation as they upgrade their core banking system from T24 R8 to R12 using the powerful regression testing capabilities of the TestManager™ solution.  The use of automated testing is helping Al Hilal to ensure that quality remains at the very heart of the Bank’s upgrade process whilst minimising the project effort and cost.

Mr. Saif Al Dhaheri, Chief Operating Officer at Al Hilal Bank, explained his strategy saying; “Al Hilal Bank upholds an innovative spirit and a progressive approach to service delivery, which is why it constantly invests in the latest and the best technologies. In the case of the T24 system, we were eager to invest in a cutting-edge solution for automated functional and regression testing. Our objective from the outset for this project was to ensure that the bank could implement, run, maintain and upgrade T24 in a cost effective and efficient manner. To do this, we recognised the need to invest not only in T24 but in a program of automated regression testing that would provide real value and support to the bank’s team throughout the T24 application lifecycle.

The Core Banking Group offered precisely the solution we were seeking with their TestManager software. To optimise efficiency and keep our costs to a minimum, it was essential for us, that we were able to implement TestManager quickly and seamlessly so that we could undertake the test automation program in the time allotted and using our own internal, skilled local resources.

To meet our objectives, The Core Banking Group installed TestManager in our offices in Abu Dhabi and provided comprehensive training for the Al Hilal test team members. The real value of TestManager is that it is optimised for T24 ‘out-of-the box’ and offers very powerful test design and execution of an unlimited number of ‘end-to-end’ business process oriented test scenarios. We were delighted that our team was able to start building our bespoke test pack and executing these tests within hours of the software being installed and our team trained. For us the ROI was very short and the performance gains for our team were immediate.

The TestManager solution and training has enabled us to:

Implement and benefit from the very latest banking functionality released from Temenos through us being able to confidently implement, test and release the vendor’s frequent service packs.

Ensure that we minimise the cost and effort associated with testing the regular major system software upgrades from Temenos. 

Minimise the cost to Al Hilal of T24 Maintenance by remaining within the manufacturer’s standard warranty terms at all times. 

With testing traditionally representing between 40% and 65% of project effort (for new implementations and upgrades respectively) the business justification to support the relatively small investment in TestManager was a simple and logical one. We fully expect to achieve cost savings of 50% overall and we are confident that we have already exceeded the planned ROI from the current use of TestManager. We remain committed to expanding the test coverage of our regression test pack which enables us to constantly improve our time-to-market, system quality and TCO with every subsequent release cycle we undertake.”

We greatly appreciate the support and help that The Core Banking Group have, and continue to provide us. Their support team based in Budapest are very experienced and offer a unique combination of deep T24 product knowledge together with core banking domain knowledge and extensive test automation expertise.”

Stated Andrew Ruffell, CEO of The Core Banking Group; “we are delighted and indeed honoured to have one of the most innovative banks in the Middle East using our QA solutions. Mr. Saif & Al Hilal Bank’s team have demonstrated how test automation can deliver significant cost savings, time-to-market advantages and quality improvements when a bank is delivering, supporting and maintaining its Temenos T24 application. Al Hilal now has the ability to control the test and release of innovative new banking products and services using T24 as well as responding to regulatory changes and the annual software releases from Temenos whilst maintaining a firm grip on the bank’s TCO.”

Background Information

Al Hilal Bank

Al Hilal Bank is owned in full by the Abu Dhabi Investment Council, which is the investment authority of the Government of Abu Dhabi. The bank is working with an authorized capital of 4 billion Dirhams, and is authorized to operate as an Islamic trading bank. Al Hilal Bank aims to become the leading financial institution in the region and to increase the growth of Islamic banking with a new direction, towards new technologies and special services.

"قاطع الرؤوس" في قبضة الاستخبارات العراقية

Published February 23rd, 2019 - 09:39 GMT
مقاتلين من داعش/ أرشيفية
مقاتلين من داعش/ أرشيفية

أعلنت الاستخبارات العسكرية العراقية، أمس الجمعة، عن اعتقال قاطع الرؤوس في "داعش" على الحدود العراقية السورية، الذي ظهر في أكثر من فيديو وهو ينفذ عمليات إعدام.

وقالت المديرية في بيان على صفحتها في موقع "فيسبوك" إن "مفارز مديرية الاستخبارات العسكرية في الفرقة 15 ، وإثر معلومات استخبارية دقيقة، ألقت القبض على أحد الإرهابيين الذين تسللوا عبر الحدود العراقية السورية والمعروف بـ (قاطع الرؤوس)".

وأضافت أن "هذا الشخص معروف بقاطع الرؤوس"، وأنه "ظهر بعدة إصدارات للدواعش أمام أشخاص قام بقطع رؤوسهم في العراق وسوريا".


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