Toshiba Elevators unveils expansion strategy for Middle East; identifies Qatar, Oman & Saudi Arabia among key markets

Press release
Published April 16th, 2012 - 01:12 GMT

Toshiba Elevators, one of the world’s top seven elevator companies and one of the top three in Japan, has unveiled an expansion strategy for Middle East and CIS regions that will see its annual turnover cross AED 250 million by 2015 from current AED 120 million, with a strong focus on Qatar, Oman and Saudi  Arabia.

The company, which operates in the region through Toshiba Elevator Middle East LLC having headquarter in Dubai,  is going ahead full-stream in producing ‘green elevators’ that will replace conventional elevators, as part of the company’s mission to protect the environment.

Toshiba Elevators’ new growth strategy and green technology for elevators was unveiled by Mr. Shinichiro Akiba, Global President & CEO of Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation, Japan, at a Press Conference, held in Dubai, to mark his maiden visit to the Middle East.

Addressing the media, Mr. Akiba said Toshiba Elevators was focused on repeating its UAE success story in other countries of the  region , including Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, CIS and Bangladesh, by establishing alliances with partners of proven local expertise.

He announced that in Oman Toshiba Elevators has partnered with Al Sulaimi Group and in Qatar, able to bag contracts through its partnership with AL MANA group which has been in business for over 60 years. In Saudi Arabia, Toshiba has secured a prestigious Government Saline water conversion project in Riyadh.

Green Elevators

Mr. Akiba said Toshiba was delighted to launch its Green Elevators for South East Asia, Middle East and Indian markets.

“Toshiba has an endearing commitment to consumer welfare and environment. Our green elevators reduce the consumption of energy at all levels. We have started producing our new-generation, which are based on green technology that saves energy consumption, and translates into saving to customers,” added Mr. Akiba.

Akiba explained that Toshiba's Green Elevators contain three major segments: energy saving up to 50% compared to conventional product, Latest Designs with wide variety for various parts, and further Improvement in Safety and Comfort.

Firstly, for energy saving, Toshiba has developed a new control device that consumes smaller amount of energy, adopted LED lightings for all ceiling design line-up, as electric power regeneration function significantly contributes to energy saving.  Secondly, new designs for ceiling, control panels, buttons, steel-sheet for cage wall, etc involve manufacturing processes that are ecologically friendly. Finally, safety and comfort are enhanced through a wide range of safety devices in case of possible door accidents, in addition to various emergency operations. 

Advanced Global Maintenance Support System

Mr. Akiba also announced the launch of Toshiba's revolutionary “Global Maintenance Support System” in the UAE. By this system, Toshiba Elevator Middle East will be able to monitor elevators, provide immediate response, track and monitor the site team's progress online through hand-held devices, provide work instructions through hand-held devices and finally record the result and report in the local server to be available for further processing. The report of the data stored in the server will be automatically available to Toshiba Elevators and Building Systems, Japan, for analysis, improvement in maintenance methodology and inventory management, etc.

Achievements in UAE

Listing Toshiba Elevators' projects in the UAE, Mr. Akiba mentioned Marina Square Project involving 13 towers involving 126 elevator units with a value of AED110 Million, on Al Reem Island which are completed; the City of Lights project involving 132 elevators in 21 towers worth AED 125 million under execution alongwith many projects including Saraya Towers. Mr. Akiba praised and appreciated the Toshiba Elevator Middle East members lead by Mr. M.J. Mohamed Iqbal, Managing Director, for their meritorious efforts in bringing TOSHIBA elevators up in MENA region.