Video: Azizi Developments Pioneers Compact Homes

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Published October 5th, 2020 - 11:14 GMT
Video: Azizi Developments Pioneers Compact Homes
Azizi Developments
Azizi Developments a new concept that heightens the functionality of spaces and usability of interiors.

Azizi Developments, a leading private developer in the UAE, is integrating flexible furniture in its compact homes – a new concept that heightens the functionality of spaces and usability of interiors. While some flexible furniture pieces will be part of the standard fittings of Azizi’s studios and one- and two-bedroom units, further options will be provided upon customers’ requests.

Fit for a modern lifestyle, Azizi’s multifunctional furniture will turn small spaces into efficient, practical units. This eliminates the hassle for owners to search for suitable furniture and makes for the best possible use of the developer’s units.

Flexible furniture will be implemented first in two of Azizi Developments Dubai Healthcare City developments – Creek Views I and II, its modern luxury towers situated on the shores of the iconic Dubai Creek, representing Dubai’s remarkable transition from a traditional past to a modern, reinvented future. The developer will also add the compact home concept to its Riviera buildings, located in the heart of MBR City, the emirate’s most popular residential destination.

Azizi’s smart furniture will be incorporated in the developer’s living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and as storage solutions, enabling owners to for example turn bedrooms into bigger living/dining spaces and vice versa, while also adding additional space with the homes.

Ms Kifah Sbeitan, Head of Design at Azizi Developments, said: “With smaller unit sizes becoming increasingly popular, it is also essential to ensure that the space is used in a smart and efficient manner, allowing owners and their tenants to inhabit cost-effective homes that are as usable, functional comfortable and convenient as larger-sized ones. Innovation has always been a fundamental, pivotal value to our orgainsation, ingrained in every level. We are proud to be the first developer to put forth these concepts in the UAE, and to develop them further, effectively enriching the lives of our valued customers.”

Azizi Developments is currently in touch with several manufacturers and suppliers, including Bold Bespoke Furniture, Intermetal, Felix International, and Kingsmen for its mock-up apartments, to source the highest quality, most advanced flexible furniture pieces.

Background Information

Azizi Developments

Although the foundation stones of the present-day Azizi Group were laid in 1989, it was in 2007 when the towering presence of Azizi Developments first began to take shape. Mirwais Azizi was driven to design homes and communities inspired by modern urban living. But at the heart, it was about giving back to a city that had offered him and his family a place of peace and security. He set a vision for the future without losing sight of the past, ensuring he stays within client budgets, but goes beyond the norm to create the best possible living experience for people. Today, Azizi Developments reflects the aspirations of a wide spectrum of lifestyle seekers. This means a permanent dedication to understanding and meeting clients' aspirations, developing distinctive homes that set the standard in contemporary building design and offering an unparalleled level of customer service. It's about unlocking a new lifestyle for the curious and ambitious, setting the ideal platform to live, work and play – and building communities that bring people closer.

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