Recruiting 'Nano Influencers' Can Be The New Marketing Gem

Published February 28th, 2021 - 04:00 GMT
Recruiting 'Nano Influencers' Can Be The New Marketing Gem
Marketers need to keep upgrading their plans according to the different figures offered on the effectiveness of influncers marketing. (Shutterstock: vichie81)

Hiring some of social media's most famous influencers to promote a product or a service has been one of the easiest and most successful marketing strategies in recent years.

Nowadays, it is hard to follow a prominent person on social media without seeing them advertizing a product or an experience every once in a while. Even for social media figures whose online presence started way before this marketing hype, it has become difficult to avoid the sparking offers from a variety of brands that have taken notice of their large follower base, and consequently decided to hire them for marketing.

Not only do social media influencers receive free samples and generous gifts from brands they promote in video reviews, they also often end up signing huge advertising deals some of which can reach as high as millions of dollars per post.

While most businesses have been looking for influencers with the highest number of followers for years, assuming that hiring a certain popular face will grant them better exposure to their target audiences, more and more marketing experts are now realizing the importance of influencers with smaller fan bases, but higher engagement rates.

According to experts, internet influencers can be categorized into four main groups based on the number of their followers;

1. Nano (1k - 10k)

2. Micro (10k - 50k)

3. Macro (50k - 500k)

4. Mega (+500k)

Yet, recent studies have been pointing out the undervalued significance of recruiting Nano influencers for marketing purposes, which has a multi-faceted benefit for brands.

Not only do studies show that Nano influencers have the highest engagement rate amongst all four categories, one that ranges between 7%-10%, but they also have a uniquely strong bond with their followers, since they are still in the process of building their online reputations, which pushes them to quickly respond to comments and direct messages, making their relationship with their followers more personal and genuine.

This also makes members of this group sound more authentic to their followers, who will trust their reviews and look forward to purchasing products they have recommended. This is also supported by the fact that most Nano influencers don't live off such deals entirely, as they often have other jobs, making their followers believe that they only recommend what they think is worthy of promotion.

Finally, Nano-influencers can be the most cost-effective option available, especially for local brands that are interested in reaching new audiences. This is not only true due to the fact that they don't charge brands as high as influencers from the other groups, but also because some of them can be happy to promote a certain business merely for free samples or free-of-charge experiences, whether we are talking about fine dining, travel, or others.

Speaking of Nano influencers from the Middle East, we can think of Lebanese Australian Nawalou Younes, and the UAE-based Swedish Persian Amir Ali.

What other reasons do you think make Nano influencers a great choice for marketers? 

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