Scorpios at Work: What Jobs Should They Take?

Published November 9th, 2021 - 11:48 GMT
Scorpios at Work
Scorpios are born between the 23 of October to the 22st of November. (Shutterstock)
As we do for every zodiac sign, we take a chance once a month to discuss the best professional roles for people under each sign.

It is a new zodiac season here, which means it is time to talk about Scorpios at work. What qualities do people born under this sign bring to the table and which jobs can they excel at easily?

As we do for every zodiac sign, we take a chance once a month to discuss the best professional roles for people under each sign.

Scorpios have a reputation of being mysterious and somewhat intimidating, yet, their codes are easy to crack once we follow patterns in attitude and preferences. The sure thing though, is that Scorpios take what they do very seriously, and devote a lot of time and effort to come up with the best results.


If you are a Scorpio or know of one of them who is planning their professional career, take a look at the following suggestions for occupations they can excel at.

What is perfect for Scorpios at work?

1. Legal

Scorpios are very judgemental. Almost too judgemental because they believe that they are quite knowledgeable. Whether correct or not, Scorpios deeply believe that are entitled to decide who is right and who is wrong, making them great judges.

Moreover, Scorpios at work can be very deceiving since they enjoy examining issues and taking the time to think about the details that they are so good at making unexpected findings. This makes them great lawyers and detectives since they can trace evidence and twist or untwist conclusions. 

2. Accountants

The strengths of Scorpios at work lie in their excellence when it comes to numbers and figures. It is almost that they think of numbers as another language that they speak fluently. Making them great finances, accountants, and investors. 

3. Event Planners

Given their superb organizational skills, Scorpios would thrive when given the headline of a task they should handle from A to Z. They will love being given the space to express their minds in a certain setting where they could use some of their hidden artistic skills. 

Scorpios are known to be extreme perfectionists and their pickiness can help them bring out the best of every occasion.

Scorpios at Work

4. Psychiatrists

Scorpios might be indeed very mysterious. They even look very cold-hearted but they are actually quite empathetic. They enjoy listening to people venting out, helping them organize their thoughts, and supporting their efforts to identify the issues they need to work on to enjoy a healthy mental state.

5. Engineers

Thanks to their organizational skills, too, Scorpios at work would be put in their perfect place as engineers where they are given problems to solve or plans to carry out. Also, they like the prestigious status they enjoy after gaining their engineering degrees. 

6. Writers

Scorpios are great at expressing themselves. This does not mean that they are transparent people. While they would rather hide every trace of every genuine feeling they have so as not to appear as emotional as they truly are, they like to create a parallel universe through fiction and let their characters say things for them.

7. Human Resources Executives

Another area that attracts Scorpios at work is being in charge of people. They love to be responsible for what people do, how much time they spend in the office and enjoy monitoring the overall state in a workplace. 

Scorpios also love to be called for help when a disagreement between employees takes place because they get to enforce rules and make final judgments.

8. Celebrities

Scorpios at work enjoy being stars. Let alone being given the chance to be worldwide known people. Similar to their attempt to hide in their characters as writers. Scorpios also enjoy being dressed up as other people as they express new emotions and pretend to be living different lives, which means that they make great actors.

Taking a look at the long list of international actors born in the Scorpio season, you will see how accurate this is. 

9. Religious and Political Leaders

Scorpios excel at preaching wisdom and knowledge, which means that they can give out of the world persuasive sermons and speeches. This qualifies them to lead the masses both in religion and politics.

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