Libras in the Workplace: Which 10 Jobs Should They Consider?

Published September 29th, 2021 - 07:00 GMT
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Libras are born between September 23 and October 23. (Shutterstock:

Libras often claim that, more than any other zodiac sign, they represent balance and justice. How true is this and how can it be reflected in their choices of careers?

Celebrating this Libra season, we are going to explore the different jobs Libras can take in life, so they put their most famous skills to practical use and achieve professional success.

1. Lawyers and judges

Inspired by their sign, Libras are particularly passionate about delivering justice and making rights out of every wrong. They like to advocate for individuals who can not stand up for themselves and publicly demand or deliver justice to them.

2. Team Leader

Thanks to their quiet and analytical nature, Libras can be good team leaders since they are very aware of their surroundings, largely unbiased, keep a good eye on everything happening around them, and are quick to realize shortcomings.

Assertive Libras are also quick to respond to emergencies with rescue plans, making them ideal for this role. 

3. Doctor

The calm Libras can keep during unexpected storms makes them also suitable for other types of emergencies. Libras' ability to handle pressure makes them perfect for this position.

4. Event Planner

Great organizational skills that fit almost every Libra come in handy when people need someone to set up their important events, whether it is a party or a conference. Libras's eye for detail ends up helping them taking care of each and every little thing that the outcomes often come up in perfect shape.


5. Beautician

Libras have a natural aptitude for beauty. They enjoy leaving their final touches on everything, including humans. They would easily recognize the best colors that go well with a skin tone or hair color and actually feel appreciate the time they spend highlighting people's best features. 

6. Casting director

Turning their judgmental character into a good thing, Libras would love to spend time choosing the best people for acting jobs. They will naturally evaluate individuals' vibes and determine whether or not they are a good pick for a creative role or not. 

7. Actor

Libras' deep wisdom can show in their ability to adapt a variety of characters and express deep emotions experienced in every situation. They can communicate feelings through their facial expressions with just the right amount of reactions needed for each role.

8. Anchor

Libras love being under the spotlight since that is yet another spot they can feel under control. Libras strive to introduce different ideas to the world, lead discussions, and moderate groups of people.

9. Diplomat

Here is another job they can put their persuading skills can be put into use. They can moderate different stances and keep reminding everyone of the causes that matter. Justice-centered Libras can be great sources of balance in any place they work at.

10. Human Rights Activist

Libras' passion for justice can also qualify them for positions where they can take an active role in ending injustices and supporting the oppressed. Libras who realize they can not stop all forms of injustices once and for all can find some solace in the fact that they can help individuals overcome difficulties, one case at a time. 

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