10 Jobs Virgos Can Easily Ace

Published September 1st, 2021 - 06:00 GMT
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Virgos are known for high intelligence and hardwork. (Shutterstock: By VectorMine)

During this month, Virgos are celebrating their birthdays with family, friends, and coworkers, which means a lot of conversations over zodiac signs and traits people born under this sign share, according to astrology.

For a change, we thought we would put our knowledge of Virgos (August 23 - Sep 22) to draw conclusions on the best job options they can go for based on their personalities and the most typical character traits they have.

1. Actors

Whether it is true or not, Virgos are often accused of being Drama Queens, so they might as well use this reputation for good.

If a Virgo is loaded with intense emotions and can actually feel things deeper than everybody else, then dressing up in different characters, staging dramatic scenes, and shedding a few tears in front of an audience can be both a good way to make money and to vent out the heavy emotions they are "known for".

2. Event Planners

Thanks to their detail-oriented eyes and hyper-organizational skills, Virgos are masters of putting the grandest events together. 

Just give them a few details of what the project should look like and watch as they cast their magical spells. 

3. Investors

Most Virgos are great with money, they are not cheap neither are they too wasters, which makes them perfect for money management, accounting, and of course, investing.

Try to ask your Virgo friend about the real estate situation in your country these days and listen carefully.

4. Quality Assurance Officers

Virgos are often perfectionists who can also annoyingly spot every error in every task, which means that they can be a great asset to teams that need a second eye to polish and finalize work before it is out to its final destination.

5. Library Keepers

I am about to write a number of stereotypes but I bet it's all true. Most Virgos are introverted bookworms who love to enjoy a few pages of not-yet-digitalized books in a quiet place. Well, they can do this for as long as they can and get paid for it, they just need to keep an eye on job listings at their favorite libraries or bookstores. 

6. Lawyers and Detectives

Another use of their sharp eye for details can be in the legal field. They can either find the smallest legal loopholes to rescue a suspect from indictment or to put someone in jail.

Virgos can also follow different scenarios and test several possibilities with only one goal in mind; the truth.

7. Photographers

Here is a more aesthetic approach to use their love for details. Virgos make extraordinary photographers who can capture the most memorable moments in every setting.

8. Stylists

You have probably never met a shabby Virgo because they do not exist. These folks are masters of colors and know how to put a stunning outfit together. 

Virgos also know the best places for shopping, so they can help find the best deals.


9. Chefs and Food Critics

Here is another artistic position Virgos can excel at. Not only do they enjoy the process of putting the different ingredients together, but also shopping for the meal, measuring precise quantities, and presenting their final products to their customers.

While Virgos pride themselves on receiving mostly positive feedback, they often enjoy trying out meals prepared by others and picking on each and every little detail they do not like. Remember how much of perfectionists Virgos are?

10. Choreographers

Virgos are intact with their bodies. When dancing, they feel every tone and make their parts move accurately according to the music. They are also quite creative and will always come up with new story ideas for each dance. 

Their bossy side will enjoy giving instructions to dancers until they watch them performing the best of art scenes in full harmony.

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