Startup of the Week: Quitem - The Modern Way to Quit Smoking

Published May 31st, 2021 - 07:30 GMT
Quit smoking
On World No Tobacco Day, we ask you to consider stubbing out your cigarette and quit this bad habit today. After all, it’s “the quit you won’t regret”.  (Shutterstock)

Are you a smoker who wishes there was a magical pill that helps you quit this bad habit? Did the countless ways and products you used to help you quit smoking fail miserably? If you nodded your head approving of both questions, then keep reading because you’re about to find out that the Jordanian startup Quitem is working on making your wish on demand. 


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Living in Jordan where the smoking rates are the highest in the world, Samia Sharawi, a 23 years old fresh graduate, was suffocating from this reality and wanted to make a change. She started asking and interviewing smokers around her, and to her surprise they all admitted that they themselves detest this bad habit and would quit if they had a helpful tool that would act as a substitute for the cigarette. At the end of the day, any habit can be changed if it was replaced with an alternative. Having these insights in mind, Sharawi founded Quitem in 2017 and started with her dedicated  volunteers working on an electronic dose controller that would replace the conventional cigarette in the life of the smoker. Since the product is critical to people’s health, it was crucial to conduct proper research that covers the medical and engineering aspects of it. Unfortunately, the results of that research revealed that the device won’t be safe to use. As a result, Sharawi dropped the product but she didn’t let go of Quitem’s mission and vision. 

Armed with her passion and dedication, and supported by Aws Zamil, Rama Borghol , Lina Zohlof and other volunteers, Sharawi rolled up her sleeves and started working on Quitem’s new product. She created an integrated solution in the form of a simulating stick to help smokers quit smoking without any symptoms. The innovative tool is the only solution in the world that helps to quit from the nicotine addiction habit. And because of it Sharawi was awarded the second prize in Total’s Startupper Challenge in 2019. Her thriving startup was selected among 800 other competing startups. In addition, Sharawi was invited to Total's main headquarters in the French capital, Paris, to spend a week there as with the rest of the 55 contestants of the Startupper Challenge.
Quitem quit smoking

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Today Quitem is proud to announce that the product design is finalized, and it’s just going through the testing and validation phase, and it will be launched soon in Jordan as a start and expand to the regional and international markers in the future. In addition, Quitem is planning to raise awareness around this social and health issue by launching an online shop where it sells t-shirts and hoodies with printed designs related to quitting smoking and other social problems Sharawi is determined to change. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on Quitem’s Instagram account or Facebook page. The social startup’s posts aim at raising awareness and helping the community start forming the will and determination to quit smoking. 

So on World No Tobacco Day, we ask you to consider stubbing out your cigarette and quit this bad habit today. After all, it’s “the quit you won’t regret”. 

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