Tech This Week: OnlyFans to Continue Allowing Sexually Explicit Content

Published August 26th, 2021 - 08:00 GMT
OnlyFans, a content subscription service, has decided to suspend its news content policy change that sparked controversy and backlash from sex workers. (Shutterstock)
Here is a brief recap of all the latest tech headlines

Another week passes by with another set of interesting tech news stories. In Tech This Week, after sparking worldwide controversy by announcing their plan to block adult sexual content, OnlyFans has yet another saying!

While OnlyFans are trying to win back their audience, Instagram is introducing new "features" that might actually result in upsetting theirs. 

And while Instagram is floundering in the updates' section, its rival, TikTok, seems pretty focused on the monetizing aspect. 

OnlyFans Backtracks on Sexual Content Decision

OnlyFans, a content subscription service, has decided to suspend its new content policy change that sparked controversy and backlash from sex workers.

The London-based firm announced last week their plans to ban all sexually explicit photos and videos starting this October.

It's worth noting that the exclusive subscription service has only halted it which indicates that the decision is not fully reversed yet.

Instagram to Replace Swipe-Up Links in Stories with Sticker Option

Facebook’s Instagram decided to change the current 'Swipe up' to view links with a new 'Link' sticker option instead.

Of course, this would only be available to those with 10K+ followers who already have the option to add links to their stories.

TikTok Rolls out New Shopify Shop Tab for Approved Merchant Profiles

In a new partnership with Shopify, China’s TikTok has introduced a new way to make it easier for users to discover and shop on the app from countless brands with a new shop tab expansion for Shopify merchant profile that allows product display showcases to your in-app presence.

These Shopify merchants can be used to tag products in organic TikTok posts. In addition, TikTok is giving the community the option to either shop directly from the merchant’s storefront or click a tagged product in a merchant’s TikTok video, which will take them to the merchant's online store for checkout.

Saudi Arabia Launches New $1 Billion Tech Initiatives

According to Albawaba, Saudi Arabia has joined forces with 10 global tech giants like Google, Amazon, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, Trend Micr to introduce a number of new high-tech initiatives worth nearly $1.06 billion.

These initiatives, which are aimed to create one programmer out of every 100 Saudi nationals by 2030, are considered the biggest technological launch of its kind in the Mena. region.

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