Tips for Taking Care of Your Computer

Published December 14th, 2021 - 10:00 GMT
Tips for Taking Care of Your Computer
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A good laptop or desktop computer is not cheap. When you buy either you want it to last without the fear of slowdowns or losing any of your files. To get the most of out of your money and avoid potential tech issues, check out these tips for taking care of your computer.

1. Updates

Tips for Taking Care of Your Computer

First on this list of tips for taking care of your computer is arguably the most important. You should always work to keep your computer’s operating system (OS) up to date.

Meaning, if you have Windows you should check for Windows updates and see if any need to be installed, and if you have a Mac you should watch for new macOS updates that get released.

Most computers these days will automatically install updates when they’re power cycled, but it’s always good to manually check for updates yourself in case they’re not being installed.

If you’re missing updates whether it’s for Windows or macOS it can cause all sorts of problems.

2. Power Cycling

Tips for Taking Care of Your Computer

Next on tips for taking care of your computer, you should regularly power cycle your computer. The best practice is to fully shut down your computer at the end of your day whether that’s before you leave work or before you go to bed.

Then the next day when you’ll be using your computer simply power it back on.

The biggest reason to follow this practice is that turning your computer off then on again will give it the opportunity to check for and install updates, as mentioned earlier.

If you leave your computer on all the time or only put it to sleep rather than fully shutting it down, it never gets that chance to check for and install important updates.

Also, computers aren’t designed to be left on 24/7. It’s good to power them off when they won’t be used for an extended period of time, like overnight, to give the machine a break from running.

3. Memory

Tips for Taking Care of Your Computer

Another important practice from these tips for taking care of your computer: make sure you clean up junk files and that you have plenty of memory space available.

If your computer is almost out of memory space it will absolutely cause problems.

An easy way to make sure your computer doesn’t run out of memory is to uninstall any programs you don’t use anymore. Have a bunch of games or apps installed that are just sitting unused?

Uninstall them and free up space. Also, make a habit of checking for junk files whether it’s once a week or once a month.

Common locations where these unneeded files tend to build up are on your desktop, in your downloads folder, in your documents folder and the recycle/trash bin.

Just give these locations a quick check now and then to see if there’s clutter building up. If there is and they’re files you don’t need anymore, delete away and free up space on your computer.

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