Top 11 Social Media Management Tools For Businesses

Published June 30th, 2022 - 07:20 GMT
Top 11 Social Media Management Tools For Businesses
Social media platforms have proved to have a major role in promoting business services. (Shutterstock: Gonzalo Aragon)
Use of social media in the UAE is estimated to be nearing 106% and META apps are the most popular.

Allocating a special budget for social media marketing has become a necessary practice for almost every business, as studies have shown major positive impacts on revenues for businesses that have opted for social media platforms to inform, engage, and communicate with their customers.

Studies conducted in 2019 have shown that at least 90% of marketers reported a positive impact of social media marketing on their business revenues. This number is expected to have grown during the last two years, during which the pandemic has pushed the number of internet users worldwide.

This steadily growing significance of social media in marketing has been reflected in more requirement and policies adopted by online platforms, which has been offering a variety of marketing tools to meet the growing scale of social media marketing.

Businesses that wish to maximize their profit by being active and responsive on different social media platforms are increasingly acknowledging the need for supporting tools that can help in managing their online presence.

Social Media Tools

How can social media management tools help your business?

In general, social media management tools make use of automation to help marketers maintain strong and steady online engagement with their customers, which saves time and consequently makes more room for creative marketing ideas. 

Creating, scheduling, and promoting content are all tasks that can now be moderated by one or two tools, even for marketing teams that have an endless number of clients, or businesses that have a variety of specialties. 

Publishing content has been made even easier by tools that allow each business to access all of their different social media accounts at once, saving all the time wasted previously when marketers had to post the same messages on multiple platforms. 

Creators can now get automation tools to post content throughout the day without having anyone glued to the laptop for each and every post.

Some of the best social media management tools also grant marketers the chance of creating online calendars through which they can plan tasks ahead of time and use every possible opportunity to connect with their audiences and promote their products or services.

Moreover, social media management tools can be programmed to provide automated answers to clients' inquiries, using AI bots that can recognize messages and respond accordingly.

Many of the best social media management tools can also track peak hours of engagement with the audience and make recommendations accordingly, so it helps in deciding on what times are best to post for every business.

Social listening is also another important need for business marketers and it, too, can be automated using a variety of tools that can trace different mentions of the business and evaluate online conversations about it, to measure its popularity, which can be of a valuable significance when businesses draft future business plans. 

Finally, advanced social media management tools can help marketers by providing full analytical data on their performance online, audience engagement rate, and audience demographics, age groups, or their preferred kinds of posts, which can all help businesses recognize the best social media platforms for their businesses, besides guiding their growth strategies based on data.

Best Social Media Management Tools

Below is a list of the names of some of the best social media management tools your business can utilize to boost your revenues;

1- Hootsuite

2- Falcon

3- Sendible

4- Agorapulse

5- ContentStudio

6- Sprout Social

7- BuzzSumo

8- NapoleonCat

9- CoSchedule

10- Brand24

11- IconSquare

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