5 Popular E-Commerce Websites in the Middle East

Published September 9th, 2021 - 05:00 GMT
Shopping online continues to spike even after the pandemic has slowed down. (Shutterstock: Milles Studio)

For a very long time, Amazon has been the emperor of e-commerce worldwide. While the website is still going strong, recent changes around the world have allowed more space for other e-commerce websites that have started to threaten its rank.

It was not only the pandemic that has boosted people's need for online shopping. It is true that millions of people have grown used to purchasing their everyday needs and their outfits through a few clicks and a bank card, but new social media trends have also greatly contributed to changing people's attitudes towards e-shops.

For the past year, TikTok videos and Instagram's Reels created by fashion influencers have driven huge flocks of customers who are willing to try out new sources of fashion pieces, especially as these virtual shops continue to offer the latest trends at decent prices, let alone massive discount codes.

Moreover, the acceleration of digitization and high-efficient shipping and delivery services during COVID19 have given customers more and more confidence in online shopping.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular e-commerce websites in the Middle East.

1. Shein

Even though Shein has been around in our region since 2016, the application has been such a huge success all over the world. The website highly promoted by TikTok influencers is greatly perceived as Gen Z tailored, thanks to its fashion lines, decent quality compared to its cheap prices, and its user-friendly approach.

Recent stats have shown that Shein's downloads from both the Apple App Store and Android's Google Play are more than double those of Amazon's, reaching a total of 17.52M.

2. Amazon (formerly known as Souq.com)

Thanks to its growing presence in the Middle East, following its acquisition of the region's Souq.com in 2017, Amazon's popularity has been soaring especially in the GCC and Egypt where it primarily operates.

2020 stats point at $350.4 million in net worth for Amazon.ae which operates in the UAE. A Sep 2020 study has found out that 43.6% of UAE retail e-shoppers prefer Amazon.

3. Noon.com

Competing with the formerly known Souq.com, Noon has been a shoppers' favorite in many countries, including the UAE and KSA. 

A 2020 study has found that Noon is the UAE's second favorite e-commerce website with 16.9%, while 59.7% of online shoppers in Saudi Arabia have been purchasing items from Noon.com.

4. Namshi.com

This Dubai-based online store offers countless trendy products in the six GCC countries and other Arab countries. Currently, the website has 1.2 million active users in the UAE alone.

5. Ounass

This luxury fashion brand is also based in Dubai, the UAE, where it offers customers an express delivery service of 2 hours within the emirate. Since March 2021, the website has seen a 13.8% rise in visits that exceeded 371,440K.

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