Tunisia's Fight Against Corruption Can Generate Billions of Dinars: Official

Published May 15th, 2017 - 06:00 GMT
The clock tower at Avenue Habib Bourguiba in downtown Tunis. (File photo)
The clock tower at Avenue Habib Bourguiba in downtown Tunis. (File photo)

The President of the Anti-Corruption Authority (INLUCC) Chawki Tabib said that if the state mobilises a budget of 100 million Tunisian dinars for the Authority, it can win 10 billion dinars a year, in the form of direct income to the state budget.

Speaking at a conference on the role of the Tunisian Competition Council (CTC), which has just signed a partnership agreement with INLUCC in the fight against corruption, Tabib called on the government to assume its responsibility for supporting the authority from the judiciary and the Court of Auditors as well as all supervisory institutions.

"The fight against corruption cannot succeed if we do not mobilise the necessary financial means," added the official, pointing out that the weakness of the means led the Authority to dismiss a number of its employees and end the contracts Employment agreements with others, in order to manage paying wages.

"The national anti-corruption strategy requires an understanding of the system of corruption in order to cope with this scourge, hence the need for better coordination with the CCT," he said.

CTC Chairman and administrative court judge Ridha Ben Mahmoud stressed that "the constitution of the country has given special attention to governance and the fight against corruption and has established a series of principles for the good management of public funds ".

In this way, the official expressed CTC will to make available to INLUCC all the data at its disposal and to opt for better co-ordination of efforts in order to develop the working tools, stressing the need for the supervisory bodies to speed up and develop their working methods to block illegal practices.

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