Will the 'Yellow Vests' Solve the Financial Issues in the Arab World?

Published December 26th, 2018 - 10:58 GMT
It is clear that in the Middle East, starvation is not due to lack of resources. (Shutterstock)
It is clear that in the Middle East, starvation is not due to lack of resources. (Shutterstock)

The protests that France has been witnessing in the last two months due to the demand for better living standards are not strange in the community.

These protests are part of the history and heritage of France, starting with the protests in the 18th century which changed the society and the face of Europe at the time. Those protests have had implications and value up to this day.

Therefore, President Emmanuel Macron rescinded his decisions under pressure from participants of recent protests because of the firm concept of State institutions despite falling short in standard compared to the students’ protests in 1968 which compelled the then French President Charles de Gaulle to resign, marking the birth of the fifth republic.

In fact, calls for President Macron to step down together with his government seem to be below the demands made half a century ago in spite of talks among some observers on the importance of moving to the sixth republic.

Historically, France had influence over some Arabic communities; thus, we saw protesters in Arab countries wearing ‘yellow vests’ similar to the French. The difference is that the French slogans were in solidarity with the ordinary workers on the streets.

Due to the direct impact of the media on modern societies, this movement has moved to some Arab countries like the case in Lebanon which is in deep crisis. This crisis has affected various aspects of life because the Mullah regime hijacked their rule through ‘Hezbollah’.

There are indications of revolting against the de facto authority considering the protests witnessed in Beirut and some other Lebanese areas, especially in the South.

In the Arab world, particularly the Middle East, the difficult living conditions are not different between countries. If the French protests were sparked by the fuel price hike, the hunger and poverty that several Middle Eastern countries are enduring will undoubtedly play a role in effecting change.

This is similar to the situation in Iran whose people are enduring the worst form of starvation and deprivation due to the clerical regime’s expenditure on foreign terrorist groups and organizations. The regime did not even turn its face towards the internal suffering which has sparked protests several times due to international sanctions that it brought to itself, especially the recent protests. In the end, the recent protests could lead to the ouster of the regime.

It is also happening in Turkey in terms of the economic and living conditions due to the political practices of the ruling regime in Ankara. Public wrath has started to emerge like the one in France, but in Turkey, such a scenario will be crushed due to the nature of its social politics where the military has the final say.

If the French Revolution in the 18th century changed Europe, the ‘Arab Spring’ revolution led to civil wars and livelihood crises. In Tunisia, the ‘Arab Spring’ started toward the end of 2010. This had negative implications on the country and the people because it failed to achieve its objectives. Consequently, poverty and the economic crisis worsened.

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Today, Sudan is drowning in protests. Apparently, the government will not be able to avoid the repercussions of these protests because of its failure to meet the demands of the people. This failure is attributed to political practices since the independence and civil war which led to division and impoverishment of the people.

It is clear that in the Middle East, starvation is not due to lack of resources. Instead, it is due to regimes which opted to starve their people in order to spend national wealth on the evil external scheme, similar to Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya which ended in civil war.

The same applies to the Mullahs’ Iran that is determined to reestablish the Persian Empire through the terrorism scheme and to impose its culture on others. The Turkey of Erdogan is the same as it continues to oppress its people and disrupt the economy to serve the scheme of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ global organization.

Until when the adventures of these regimes that rule their people and intensify the latter’s poverty and starvation will continue?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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