24-Year-Old Moroccan Parkour Jumper Shows off Death-Defying Skills

Published September 12th, 2018 - 01:11 GMT

Khalid Tenni (Instagram)
Khalid Tenni (Instagram)

A 24-year-old parkour enthusiast has filmed himself in yet another daredevil act where he hangs off the edge of a high-rise building with just his hands.

Khalid Tenni of Rabat in Morocco shows off his death-defying skills in a new video where he is seen jumping from roof-to-roof avoiding falling down hundreds of feet. Tenni, who is a professional parkour athlete and student at Mohammed V University in Rabat, in the chilling new video is seen jumping across 330 feet high drop without any safety equipment.



"It can be terrifying if you stop to think about it. So I have to live in the moment and just go for it and jump. My family and friends worry that one day I'm going to seriously hurt myself," said Tenni who has been practicing parkour for over a year. He added, "Now parkour is my passion and I feel the adrenaline running through me every time I do it. It takes a lot of training, and I practice for eight hours a day. There isn't a gym where I live so I will train on the roof, in the street or on the beach doing pull-ups, chin-ups and squats."



Fortunately, the parkour athlete has never been seriously injured. "I see the roof as my parkour playground. I've broken my finger when landing from a jump. I plan my stunts in advance and every day I aim to achieve a new move, such as backflips. Doing parkour gives me the most freeing feeling," Daily Mail quoted Tenni as saying.


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