American Polite Thief Returns Stolen Cash to Woman With Apology Note

Published July 28th, 2018 - 09:40 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File)
(Shutterstock/ File)

An Arkansas woman's stolen cash was turned over to police with a letter of apology from the thief who took it from her wallet.

Susan McNabb said she left her wallet, and the $160 cash it contained, behind at the Walmart store in Clinton, and when she returned a short time later, the wallet was still there but the cash was gone.

"Then I went down to the city police and reported it," McNabb told KARK-TV.

McNabb said she was surprised when police called her Wednesday morning to say someone had come by the station and dropped off an envelope containing $160 cash and a note.

"To the lady that left her wallet at Walmart...please forgive me as I always strive to have integrity, and that day I failed miserably," the note read.

Police said the woman who brought in the envelope left without giving her name.

McNabb said the woman's change-of-heart has inspired her to spend the money on helping others.

A Pennsylvania police department detailed a similar tale of remorse earlier in July. The Minersville Police Department received a letter in the mail from a person who said they received a parking ticket 44 years earlier. The apology letter included a $5 payment for the ticket.

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