Cairo Police Fine, Jail First Man for Performing Kiki Dance

Published July 30th, 2018 - 09:34 GMT
Authorities fine first young man for performing the 'Kiki’ dance challenge. (Youtube)
Authorities fine first young man for performing the 'Kiki’ dance challenge. (Youtube)
In the first practical enforcement of the warnings issued by the Egyptian authorities to drivers performing the Kiki challenge- a widespread dance that has gone viral on social media platforms- police have arrested a young man in Cairo after sharing a video featuring him partaking in the challenge.

The Interior Ministry has said that the prosecution decided to punish the young man who "got out of his operating car and put peoples’ lives at risk" and then released him after paying a 1,050 pound fine (about $59).

The ministry said in a statement that it monitored “the circulation of a video on social media sites that clearly showed the young man leaving his car moving on a public road, with its driving wheel uncontrolled and door closed, to perform the dance movements, which exposed his and others’ lives to danger.”

The ministry said it managed to identify the driver, who was called and confirmed his ownership of the car.

The Kiki fever has invaded the world of celebrities and ordinary citizens, who are jumping out of moving cars and dancing to Canadian artist Drake’s "In My Feelings"song.

The Egyptian singer Dina el-Sherbiny took part in the challenge, but she chose Amr Diab’s "Shouqna" song instead.

Singer Yasmine did the same, by dancing on "Saat Bashtak" for Mohamed Fouad.

The Tunisian artist Dorra, who lives in Egypt, chose to take the original challenge and danced on Drake’s music.
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