Case of mistaken identity: Lebanese woman impersonates judge to free uncle

Published January 18th, 2016 - 09:00 GMT

Lebanon's Judicial Police detained a woman impersonating a judge and claiming to be the adviser of Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi for "humanitarian" reasons, Al-Akhbar newspaper reported Monday.

Therese Aa. reportedly identified herself to Criminal Judge in Baabda Sandra Khoury as Rifi's adviser and a real estate judge in Zahle with the aim of persuading her to release her uncle from custody.

The offender promised the judge to convince Rifi to transfer her to the Beirut Justice Palace and to fix her office's decor in return.

However, Khoury wasn't convinced by the suspect's charade, which prompted her to make a series of phone calls to verify the identity of her visitor.

Khoury, according to the report, was informed by Zahle Justice Palace, Beirut Justice Palace and the Ministry of Justice that there is no such person known as Judge Aa.

The Judicial Police were swiftly informed about the incident and detained the offender.

The impostor confessed to the charges, telling investigators during her questioning that it was not her first time to impersonate a judge.

She admitted to visiting several other judges "to help people out of a humanitarian cause," denying that she received money from anyone to do her scheme.

The suspect was a former law student and had a picture of her and minister Rifi posted on her Facebook account.

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