High Treason! An Israeli imprisoned for trying to become Palestinian

Published May 30th, 2012 - 07:17 GMT
Andrew Pshenichnikov
Andrew Pshenichnikov

A 23-year-old Israeli activist and 'rebel' has been jailed for attempting to become a Palestinian citizen

Andrew Pshenichnikov, who has so far spent one week in Israeli prison, is trying to give up his Israeli citizenship in order to move to Dheisheh Refugee Camp in the West Bank.

The Israeli government is able to imprison him for this move because it is illegal for Israeli citizens to enter places in Palestine not in ‘Area C’. This classification is used to describe East Jerusalem and Israeli settlements in the West Bank such as Eli and Ariel. The government also forbids Israelis from entering or leaving Israel on a non-Israeli passport.

Two months ago Andrew moved to the refugee camp close to Bethlehem, an area under Palestinian control. The camp, with nearly 13,000 refugees, does not fall into ‘Area C’ meaning Andrew’s stay was technically illegal under Israeli law.

During his appearance in court, the anti-patriot Andrew stated that he doesn’t recognize the Israeli government as a legitimate authority, including its judiciary and would therefore not accept any judgment that the court passes. The trial continues. 


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