American in Arabia: Circumcision isn't necessarily all it's cut out to be

Published August 30th, 2012 - 12:50 GMT
American in Arabia would rather you think before you snip
American in Arabia would rather you think before you snip

A doctor’s report has come out and it’s official: circumcision is not necessary. It is better to leave on every piece that God has given.  No more snipping and cutting for the sake of health. Leave the sleeve! Don’t mess with the flesh! Foreskin or bust!

Think about it. No more do we have to subject our little subjects to the nightmare of any man i.e. being pinned down and someone taking a knife to their tidbits.

Human rights groups are campaigning against female genital mutilation. This barbaric practice is obviously wrong to anyone with a smidgen of common sense and whose view is not blocked by social obligations to cut and run. Why not make it true across the board? We unite for all little boys and girls of the world to ban complet…..

Wait a second. Ooops. Well, it seems ol’ Brett was in such a mindset to outlaw the practice of “Freeing Willy” that I completely misread the article. That’s embarrassing. 

According to the report by The American Academy of Pediatrics, it is recommended by the powers that prune that circumcision does have significant health benefits. Of course, 10 years earlier they said the exact opposite, so, in light of this study's positive findings on this (nether) area, it might be something worth investigating yourself. 

I understand some religions circumscribe the practice so all my Muslim and Jewish readers are off the hook. Feel free. Every mohel in the world just gave me a virtual wedgie.

But really? Seriously? It is safer the cut it off than just keep it clean?

I want to make a plea to those who haven’t yet pulled the trigger on plastic surgery for infants. We don’t remove an infant's tonsils or appendix as soon as they pop out of the oven. Those nuggets are only removed whenever they become a problem and they serve no purpose, so why not wait and see with this golden nugget of skin. 

Consider the theory that uncircumcised men tend to derive greater levels of sexual stimulation than their 'compromised' counterparts.  Use the money you would have spent on the procedure and get the kid an ice cream cone. He may just thank you later.


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By Brett Weer


What do you think? Is circumcsion better across the board or should we reconsider it?





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