Man Gets Death Penalty in Absentia, Accomplice Sentenced to 10 Years For Murder, Rape

Published October 30th, 2018 - 02:37 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

The 21-year-old accomplice was sentenced to 10 years in jail to be followed by deportation.

A man, who lured a compatriot, along with his friend, to a desert location where he raped him and then killed and buried him, was given the death penalty in absentia by the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday.

Prosecutors accused the two Pakistanis - a 33-year-old runaway and an ironsmith, 21 - of premeditated murder, sexual assault of a male and theft at night.

The duo took the victim, in his thirties, near the site of a contracting firm and its labour accommodation off Jebel Ali.

The 21-year-old accomplice was sentenced to 10 years in jail to be followed by deportation.

He pleaded not guilty before the court, claiming he was only at the crime scene.

Preliminary investigation showed that the runaway defendant was angry because - as his accomplice claimed to public prosecution investigators - he believed the victim had circulated pictures of his female relatives in Pakistan.

The pair befriended the victim and invited him to have some cold drinks they purchased from a supermarket on March 4.

The documents, presented to the court earlier, showed the runaway took the victim by surprise when he tightened a rope around his neck. Together with his accomplice, they pulled the rope from both sides tightly around the victim's neck. They then stuffed his mouth with sand. The runaway had sodomised the victim prior to finishing him off.

Even though the victim denied having been the one who circulated the pictures and begged them it was another man, they went on with their plan. They fled the scene after stealing his mobile phone and his wallet.

The decomposed body was found buried in sand dunes. Only its toes and head hair were protruding and were obviously devoured by animals.

A police lieutenant said they were alerted about the discovery of a body in a remote desert location at 10:30am on March 16. "Our first speculation was that the crime motive could be a fight among bootleggers as it is in an area thronged with labourers. However, we ruled out that possibility after questioning the workers on the site."

The police learned that the fugitive had met the victim shortly before his death. They traced him through their database and found he had fled the UAE shortly after the crime. They apprehended the person who was with him on the incident day.

The man admitted to investigators he killed the victim, together with the main accused, and then covered the body with stones and dust.

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