Man Travels 33 Nations Over 3 Years Without a Shave!

Published September 9th, 2018 - 05:00 GMT
Jon's beard (Twitter)
Jon's beard (Twitter)

A man videoed his incredible transformation as he didn't shave for nearly three years after a round-the-world trip spanning 33 countries.

The man, named only as Jon, travelled around the world with his Russian wife Eva and documented his beard growth as he and his wife's mammoth journey spanned over 80,000 miles.



Jon's beard reached an incredible length of 15 inches before he cut it off this week in the couple's latest YouTube video.

The Canadian also recorded his wife's reaction to his transformation with her saying 'It's like we went back in time three years!'

Jon, originally from British Colombia, lives in Moscow with Eva whom he married in December 2014.



He said the couple saved for 8 months for their huge trip.

The YouTuber said: 'It seems like this beard video will help us out a lot, as we've gotten about 200,000 views in the last day.

We visited 33 countries almost exclusive by hitchhiking and staying with locals for free. We got back to Moscow on February 28, 2018.'

The hitch-hiking masterclass included thumbing lifts in Russia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, throughout India, Africa and the whole of the Americas.

The couple started their trip in Eva's native Russia on September 2, 2015 and Jon didn't shaved his face until this week.

The time-lapse beard video has attracted a huge reaction, with well over 16 million views of the couple's YouTube channel 'CANRUSH'.

It is among the first English language videos they have made, posting around 300 in Russian.

Jon said one of the only times they encountered real trouble was when they were fined for hitch-hiking in the U.S.

After one year and seven months travelling they were slapped with the $565.50 bill after crossing into the U.S from Mexico.

They had planned to go to Phoenix and buy a car to drive around the country.


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