Scholarship Shakeup in Saudi!

Published January 13th, 2016 - 08:18 GMT

Several students have expressed their dismay at not finding their names on the Ministry of Education’s scholarship list even after securing high grade points average (GPA).

Earlier this year, private universities did not enroll fresh scholarship students. At that time the Ministry of Education noted in a statement sent to Saudi Gazette that old students will continue to get their full scholarship.

Talking to Saudi Gazette, a computer science student who is to graduate this semester, said the university has notified her to contact the scholarship office as she now has to bear her own expenses. “It has come as a shock to me as the fees is very high. Moreover we were not notified earlier. I have an excellent record and am fulfilling all the obligations to do deserve the scholarship.”

The student noted that she has to pay SR30,000 for the last semester and the fees for this semester which might add up to SR45,000. All others losing scholarship face the same dilemma, she said.

Another student from the same department said the university always asks them to check the ministry’s website to ensure they still enjoy the scholarship.

“I did not check at first because it is just a routine action. However, after getting to know that several students have lost their scholarship I checked the website only to find that my name has been omitted from the list,” she said.

An electronic and computer engineering student who also has lost her scholarship said neither her not the university knows the reason behind the omission. She said she hopes that the university tries to figure out why students with high GPA are no longer on scholarship.

One of her classmates noted that she was on full scholarship and only pays fees for training during the summer because that is not included in the scholarship though the curriculum is fully accredited by the ministry. Now, however, she has lost her scholarship for “unknown reasons.”

Saudi Gazette’s attempts to contact Ministry of Education officials did not succeed.

By Fatima Muhammad

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