Two UK Landlords Offer Free Lodgings for Sex as Shown by BBC Film

Published September 11th, 2018 - 09:15 GMT
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(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

Two sex for rent landlords who demanded a tenant half their age sleep with them regularly in return for a free flat have been shamed today.

The men, both from Bristol, offered to waive the rent, cover the bills and even pay expenses if they could bed a much younger woman as often as once a week.

One landlord, called Mike, told an undercover reporter she could have a designer two-bedroom flat with 'everything provided' as long as she a 'friends with benefits (FWB) relationship'.

The undercover film, being shown on BBC Points West tonight, records him saying: 'The room, the rent, all the bills, everything paid for. And I'll even give you an allowance every week so that you feel that you're looked after'.

But he added: 'The benefit is that you sleep with me once a week'.

After being shamed Mike said he was 'pretending to be a landlord' and writing a novel that required research about the exploitation of women in the UK.  

Another landlord, calling himself Tom, a man in his 60s, told reporter Rachel Stonehouse would get free rent, gas, electric and wifi if she moved into his flat.

She then asked him if they had to have sex and he replied: 'I'm getting embarrassed now. Do what you want, and if you want to make love, make love.

'Give it a week or two if you're not ready straightaway). But at the end of the day, yes [sex is required].'

Tom refused to respond when he was told he was filmed by the BBC.

The investigation revealed there were several adverts on trading site Craigslist offering free rent in exchange for sex.

One man offered a double room 'in return for your booty', calling it a 'simple, no-hassle business deal'.

Another said that a person could pay £1 a month for their own double room in return for sex.

He said: 'I am looking for a female lodger, possibly rent free, depending on services offered. Please reply with pic and a bit about yourself, thanks. 

'I have a high sex drive, and am very adventurous and have no limits. Therefore (and this has worked over the last year) I am thinking of a couple of evenings a week where you surrender to me. 

'Sometimes I will not want anything but will to play with you. Sometimes we will play online together. Sometimes we will role play. One thing I can guarantee is you will be satisfied and it won’t be boring. 

'You must like sex, and be adventurous as well. On the other nights of the week, we would be like any other people sharing a house'.

A woman interviewed for the show said she had been offered free rent as long as she had sex with the landlord and his friends. 

She said: 'One guy expected me to sleep with him, but also having group sex with a lot of his friends. It's not worth it'.

Offering accommodation in return for sex is illegal in Britain.

Avon and Somerset Police Assistant Chief Constable Nikki Watson said: 'It's worrying that in this day and age anyone believes it to be appropriate to advertise accommodation in return for sex. 

'Sexual exploitation is wrong and I'd encourage anyone who has been affected by it, or who suspects someone is being subjected to it, to report it to the police.'

A shocking poll revealed recently that 250,000 women in Britain have been offered free or reduced rent in exchange for sexual favours in the past five years.

The survey, carried out by YouGov for housing charity Shelter, found 140,000 prospective female tenants had been propositioned in the past year alone.

One tenant described being sent a text after viewing a flat offering her the property on the basis she would perform 'very explicit sexual acts' in exchange.

Another reported having a landlord 'showing up nightly, sitting in my bedroom and refusing to leave'. 

A third described how the owner made a sexual pass at her while his wife was asleep upstairs.  

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