UK Man Painted in Red to Show Homeless Plight But Sparks Outrage

Published September 12th, 2018 - 09:43 GMT
Homeless Man Sprayed with Red Paint (Facebook)
Homeless Man Sprayed with Red Paint (Facebook)

Shocking video footage of a homeless man sprayed with red paint has sparked outrage. The eight-second clip, which was posted on Facebook, features a man bragging 'this is how we deal with the beggars on the street' before adding 'he's not even a beggar'.

The homeless man covered in red spray paint can be seen sitting against a wall at the back of The Shed micropub near a Tesco Express in Normanby, Middlesbrough.

'There he is, sprayed to death,' the man behind the camera said as he filmed the homeless man.

TeesideLive spoke to the 'beggar', who said that he was 'genuinely homeless' and was still wearing his spray-painted trousers as proof.

He said: 'I'm stuck as I am for now.

'He was the one being immature, not me.'

The video was posted on Facebook over the weekend but was taken down after an outraged response.

Normanby locals say the homeless man is often spotted sitting near the store.

Two women told TeesideLive of their shock at the footage, saying: 'I gave him a pound last week. Who would do that to someone? They could have blinded him.

'He was outside Tesco on Sunday.

'He definitely looks homeless - you couldn't say for sure. It's fairly unusual for Normanby so you notice him.'

A spokesperson for Cleveland Police said: 'On Sunday afternoon police received a call from a member of the public saying she had come across a video of what appeared to be a man spray painting another man near the Tesco Express Store on the High Street in Normanby.

'The caller declined to give further details therefore this initial report was logged on our systems.'


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