Escaped From The Screen! 'Puss-in-Boots' Real Life Cat Found in New York

Published December 6th, 2021 - 08:18 GMT
Cat looks JUST like Puss in Boots
Pisco is a Cat looks similar to the Puss in Boots. (Instagram)
Pisco the cat, who lives in New York, looks just like Puss and Boots from Shrek 2

This adorable cat has become an Instagram star thanks to his striking resemblance to Puss in Boots. 

Pisco the cat, who lives in New York, has ginger hair and large, pleading eyes, just like the Shrek 2 character voiced by Antonio Banderas. 


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The photogenic feline has become a social media sensation with snaps of him posing in cute costumes and cuddling with his owners. 

He now has more than 615,000 followers on Instagram.  

Writing in an Instagram Q&A, Pisco's owner explained the British shorthair used to be skittish but has become more tactile in time. 

'When we first got Pisco he wasn't the cuddle bear he is right now,' she posted. 'He was very skittish and wouldn't want us to hold him or touch him at all.


'But every day we show him it's okay and we wouldn't force him to cuddle or grab him. Soon he became a lot more confident and started to get curious.

'And now he's a super teddy bear and loves to cuddle.'

Instagram users can't get enough of Pisco and even called for merchandise. 

One posted: 'I WANT A PISCO CAT SHIRT FOR CHRISTMAS… what else could i ask for more than that [sic].'

Another wrote: 'Awww looking amazing!!!'

A third added: 'What a beautiful boy.' 

Puss in Boots was known to switch from a bold fighter into a meek pussycat who softened his enemies with his cute expression. 

And it is clear anyone would struggle to resist Pisco's charms.  

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