Ex-Spanish King Injected With Female Hormones to Control His 'Rampant' Sex Drive

Published October 22nd, 2021 - 11:31 GMT
Ex-King Juan Carlos
Spanish King Carlos (AFP File Photo)

The exiled former Spanish king Juan Carlos was 'injected with female hormones to control his rampant sex drive', an ex-police chief has sensationally claimed in a parliamentary hearing.

Jose Manuel Villarejo also said the disgraced former monarch, now living at a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, was given testosterone blockers by the Spanish secret service after his libido was categorised as a 'state problem.'

Villarejo, a former Spanish Police commissioner currently on trial in a blackmail case, said, according to The Times: '[The National Intelligence Centre (CNI)] injected female hormones and testosterone blockers to control his libido because it was considered a problem of state that he was so horny.'

Danish-German philanthropist Corinna Larsen, Spanish singer Sara Montiel, Belgian governess Liliane Sartiau and Italian princess Maria Gabriela de Saboya are just some of the women he is rumoured to have bedded besides his wife, Queen Sofia.

News of the disgraced former king's legendary libido are not new, however. It comes after a Spanish author and military historian Amadeo Martinez Ingles wrote a book entitled 'Juan Carlos: The King Of 5,000 Lovers', piecing together evidence of his sexual history and painting the king as a rampant sex addict.

Princess Diana is rumoured to have been just one of the young ladies the ex-king pursued in a romantic career in which — like his namesake, the seducer Don Juan — he is said to have bedded almost 5,000 women. 

Villarejo, who has been accused of spying on and working to discredit some of Spain's most high-profile politicians as a key figure in the nation's 'sewer politics', also insisted he was asked to get rid of medical documents which would have proved the medication went on. 

He denied having any involvement in the effort to bring Juan Carlos' notorious sex drive under control and said he found out about it from Corinna Larsen, a former lover of the ex-monarch now living in London. 

Larsen, also known as Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, 57, had an affair with the 83-year-old monarch - who is married to Queen Sofia, 82 - between 2004 and 2009.

In his explosive book published in 2016 called 'Juan Carlos: The King of 5,000 lovers', author Martinez Ingles dubbed the ex-king a sex addict and said he had hundreds of relationships even after marriage to his wife Queen Sofia in 1962.

The book claimed he had had 62 lovers in one six-month period alone, and during his 'passionate period' between 1976 and 1994, the king had slept with a staggering 2,154 women.

Spanish royal family expert Pilar Eyre has corroborated Martinez Ingles' claim that the former King attempted to bed Princess Diana, saying said Juan Carlos made a 'tactile' advance to Diana when she was just 25.

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