List of things that will break Muslim’s fast

Published March 26th, 2023 - 08:23 GMT
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ALBAWABA - The world's 1.8 billion Muslims embraced the holy month of Ramadan, kick starting dawn-to-dusk fast in line with their doctrine which makes fasting a requisite on all healthy Muslims.

Homes and streets have been decorated with lights, lanterns and crescent moons.

During Ramadan, Muslims usually fast by avoiding food and drinks from dawn until dusk. However, not only food and drink can break a Muslim's fast.

Here are some of the other things that can break the fast:

1. Smoke and Vape:

As loads of people are now using vapes instead of cigarettes, Sheikhs have released a new Fatwa, Arabic for religious edict, banning the use of vapes while fasting.

Vape is like smoking, it breaks the fast and is prohibited during Ramadan day.

Despite the fact that smoking in the past created a fuss about whether it breaks fasting or not, religious clergymen agreed that it is prohibited.

2. Misbehaving and cursing:

Besides avoiding food and drinks, Muslims during Ramadan should concentrate on good deeds, therefore, bad actions such as misbehaving, cursing someone – or one another – lying, or backbiting, can render the fast terminated.

3. Sexual Intercourse

According to the Quran, it is allowed for Muslim couples to have an intimate relationship during the nights of Ramadan. But it is only forbidden during the daytime as it will break the couple's fast. 

4. Vomiting Intentionally

If a Muslim intentionally provokes himself/herself into vomiting, the fast is broken. But if a Muslim vomits during a fasting day due to sickness, the adherent can continue fasting.

5. Fainting

Fainting during a Ramadan day also breaks a Muslim's fast as well. 

Although some people claim that ear, nose and eye drops might break the fasting. However, they don't invalidate one’s fasting.

As for injections, it is permissible for a fasting Muslim to take medicine by injection, whether intramuscular or intravenous, while fasting; however, taking injections for nourishment purposes while fasting will break the fast because it empowers the body, just like eating and drinking.

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