Majestic Cat Gets 1000s of Followers for its Lion-like Face

Published August 29th, 2019 - 07:56 GMT
The colors of his fur, which include black, grey and white, have left social media users smitten online. (Instagram)
The colors of his fur, which include black, grey and white, have left social media users smitten online. (Instagram)
Vivo the three-year-old Maine Coon cat had over 10,000 Instagram followers.

A cat with a majestic mane has gained thousands of followers online after being described as 'part lion, part wolf and part human.'

Vivo, the three-year-old Maine Coon, has been stealing hearts on social media since his owner began sharing photos of him online two years ago and has already gained more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. 

He appears to live in Guangzhou, China, with owners Robert and Izabella Sijka. 

The feline has been describes as looking like a member of 'royalty' due to his majestic and elegant appearance, combined with a steely yellow stare.

Others said that he looked like he was 'part lion, part wolf and part human.' 

In Instagram videos, Vivo can be shaking his long fur in slow-motion before composing himself ready to deliver a fierce look - that to some was interpreted as 'disapproval.'

One Reddit user wrote: 'If a royal bloodline exists for domestic cats, Vivo is their King.' 

'I would follow this regal beast into battle anywhere,' added Cole Thurman Instagram.

Another added: 'Vivo has only meowed once. The spontaneous impregnation of every female cat in a ten mile radius followed.' 

'He looks like someone coming straight from CATS dress rehearsal,' another posted. 

For others the intense looked appeared to be a little too much, with one Facebook user writing: 'Why do I always feel so guilty when your cats look at me.' 

Other users online pointed out that the name 'Vivo' translates to 'alive' in Spanish and 'I live' in Latin - commenting that it was particularly apt choice.

Vivo is considered to be a 'black smoke Maine Coon' due to the appears of his fur.

They are known to be one of the oldest natural breeds in North America after being established more than a century ago, according to State Symbol USA.

The breed was recognized as the State animal for Maine in 1985, respected by many because of their ability to survive the most harsh winters there.

Theories about the pets origins include them being descendants of Marie Antoinette's long haired cats and also being the seafaring pet of a sailor named 'Coon,' who docked in Maine in the 1700s, where they mated with local cats, PetFinder wrote.

Most believe the cat was a mix of a short-haired domestic cats and long-haired cats brought to America by New England seamen and even the Vikings, the site added. 

Males can average between 13 and 18lb in total, with some reaching up to 25lb, meanwhile females are between 9-12lb. The cats don't reach their full size until the ages of three to five. 

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