“Al Malik Farouq” successful beginning for a unique drama

Published October 5th, 2007 - 12:18 GMT

There are between 40 to 50 different dramas, comedies, historic and religious programs, and Bedouin series being aired on different Arab satellite channels during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, according to the London daily Elaph.  Moroccan productions are only being aired in Morocco.


There are a large number of famous Egyptian actors who are participating in the Ramadan productions, like Omar Al Sharif, Yehya Al Fakharani, Noor Al Sharif, Yusra, Elham Shaheen, Sawsan Bader, Lucy, Bosy, Farouq AL Fishawi, Nadia Al Jundi, Salah AL Sa’dani, Ahmad Rateb, Karima Mukhtar, Samah Anwar and more.


There are also a number of famous Syrian actors who took major roles in Syrian, Egyptian and Khaliji (Gulf) dramas, like Jamal Suleiman, Abas Al Nouri Sabah Al Jaza’iri and Teem Hasan who plays the role of Egyptian King Farouq in “Al Malik Farouq” (King Farouq).


Other leading Egyptian actors that star in the series are Wafa Amer who plays the king’s mother Queen Shahinaz, along with Izat Abo Oof, Salah Mitwali, and Mahmoud Al Jundi.


The series was written by Dr. Lamis Jaber under the supervision of historian Yunan Labib Riziq, and begins with the birth of King Farouq.  As a child he was very attached to his mother, since he was in isolation and unable to play with his relatives. When King Fouad dies, King Farouq inherits the throne as a teenager.


He leaves his studies in England and returns to Egypt to face pressure from the British and that of his cousin Prince Muhammad Ali trying to take his thrown.


King Farouq was loved by the Egyptian people, unlike his father.  Tragedy strikes when Queen Faridah dies during the birth of their first daughter.

Saudi Production Company was able to duplicate the décor and the clothing of the era effectively and the drama has already been a success.


There are a number of other series poised for success, such as “Yetraba Fi Izo” (May he grow in his wealth) starring Yehya Al Fakharani and Karima Mukhtar, “Al-Dali” starring Noor Al Sharif, and “Qadiyat Ra’ie Am” (A matter of public opinion), starring Yusra.

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