11 Photos that prove Haifa Wehbe is the Queen of Instagram!

Published October 5th, 2016 - 06:25 GMT
WOW! (Facebook)
WOW! (Facebook)

Haifa Wehbe needs no introduction. When she’s not busy performing at sold out concerts all over the world and being a diva, Wehbe is actually the most stylish person on the Arab Instagram. Don’t believe us? Well, let us take a very fashionable journey together where we will boos el wawa.

She’s not just stylish, she’s wise AF! Read that caption 

Do I even need to explain? #Yalahwi3alaHaifa

She can rock a pair of heart shades and Minnie Mouse ears like it’s nobody’s business

She looked absolutely gorgeous in Project Runway ME contestant Saba Tark’s dress

Seriously, who looks this good while using a public phone?

Or riding a horse?


She looks both cute and fierce! HOW?!?! No, but seriously read the caption

Can we all agree that she has mastered the art of taking selfies? 

This is simply just breathtaking 

She turned that water bottle into an accessory 

By Karima ElNesr

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