12 classic Disney characters who resemble these Arab actors!

Published August 2nd, 2016 - 10:51 GMT
Do you see a resemblance? (Scoop Empire)
Do you see a resemblance? (Scoop Empire)

Imagine we had Disney classics adapted into Arabic films. Mixed feelings, right?

Let’s map it up...

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

With Heba Magdy as Snow White,

And Dhafer L’Abidine.. Well this might work, especially that Heba has a nice voice, and shares Snow White’s eye colour and skin tone. I don’t know about the personality though; I remember that Snow White was a bit of a lighthearted child. Heba is a bit more serious.

2. Cinderella

Well, whoever was behind this imagination must have had a thing against Prince Charming. 



Trying to imagine May Omar as a blonde.. shaghaal.


3. Beauty and the Beast

Amina Khalil would actually fit in very nicely with Belle, especially after her role in Grand Hotel; because of the similarity of both personas, people will deliberately synchronise both characters and feel satisfied.

Surprisingly, Amr Youssef fits in wonderfully in the character of the Beast. He has very cold features, making him very convincing while performing in evil or insensitive roles. Of course, because he was Amina’s partner in Grand Hotel, the couple will also deliberately synchronise in the audience’s heads. This if produced properly, could be a hit.

4. Mulan

Yasmin Raies, well… I don’t know, don’t you think Mulan needs a stronger character? Like Arwa Gouda masalan?

Qusai el-Khouly as Captain Lee Shang, oh good lord. Mulan has never been so viciously Arabised, it’s like an adapted version of Mulan in a Bab el-7ara season. Blame it on globalisation ba2a.

5. The Little Mermaid 

Now just look at this…

Howwa 2ay 7ad sha3ro a7mar? 7aram 3aleiko!

Ariel is forever ruined for me keda.

Rabena satar and they left out the entire crew, only Ariel has been vandalised.

6. Aladdin

Yasmine Sabry as Jasmine? La2 fakess. I’d go with someone with more Arabic features, the picture attached for Yasmine is a bit deceiving.

7. Rapunzel 

Walahi, mesh battaal.. This could be a very funny version of Rapunzel, although I’d like Hana Zahed in a Brave adaptation instead. Dark red hair and she’d make a perfect Merida.

Ahmed Hatem as Flynn Rider? Emm.. nope. Not convinced.


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