List: 5 Awesome Arabic Shows to Binge-Watch this Eid (For Free!)

Published September 2nd, 2017 - 03:33 GMT
From "Sunset Oasis." (El Adl Group)
From "Sunset Oasis." (El Adl Group)

Well, it’s the second day of Eid—and it’s finally the afternoon. The visits are done. The goat is eaten. And if you have a job, you’re poor as all hell because you’re on the wrong of the eidiyeh.

So what’s there to do apart from catch some awesome stuff on TV?

Here’re some five great shows you can watch over the rest of your weekend. They’re all online, too.

So kick back, take a swig of tea, and settle in with:

1. Don’t Extinguish the Sun (La Tottfea Al Shams)

Above: Don't Extinguish the Sun. (CBC Drama)

The story of a family reeling from the death of a father, Don’t Extinguish the Sun is (very) loosely based on the novel by Ihsan Abdel Quddous. It won hearts, minds, and even acclaim for being the only godforsaken show this Ramadan with a stable couple—a love story between two men, of all things. How lovely.

Where you can watch it: MBC Shahid, which does cost money, but also YouTube.

2. Qomrah 2

Above: Qomrah 2. (ARAM TV)

The original Qomrah, from Khawater creator Ahmad Shuqairi, requested footage from everyday filmmakers based around topics: marriage, Islam, terrorism. The result, which cut different footage from different films to create thematic cohesion, was mixed, so for this year they went with scripts from amateurs filmed by professional filmmakers. The result is a much stronger second season.

Where you can watch it: It’s all for free on YouTube.

3. Sunset Oasis (Wahet El Ghoroub)

Above: Sunset Oasis. (El Adl Group)

Based off of Bahaa Taher’s beautiful, International Prize for Arabic Fiction-winning novel, Sunset Oasis is about a punished Egyptian soldier sent out with his wife to the middle of nowhere as punishment for his involvement in an uprising against British imperials. The job means almost certain death. Culture and civilization clash in this fantastic adaptation of the novel.

Where you can watch it: YouTube has you covered.

4. To the Highest Bidder (Le Aa'la Se'r)

Above: To the Highest Bidder. (El Adl Group)

Starring the indomitable Nelly Karim, To the Highest Bidder is the story of a ballerina who is broken and humiliated, and the burning passion she kindles in pursuit of revenge against her husband. The show struck a chord with Arabic women, who identified with the misogyny it depicted.

Where you can watch it: YouTube, once again, comes to the rescue.

5. Kafr Delhab

Above: Kafr Delhab. (ON Ent)

In ancient Arabia, a village of sorcerers fights for its survival when one of its members, a young girl, becomes possessed by a djinni. But the djinni decides to fight back, plunging the village into chaos. The show won acclaim and earned high ratings—not only because it was decidedly different, but because it did different well.

Where you can watch it: On YouTube. Isn’t it just the best?

Eid Mubarak, everyone.

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