8 Times Arab celebrities were forced to delete their photos on social media

Published November 1st, 2016 - 08:42 GMT
Delete. Delete. Delete. (Social media)
Delete. Delete. Delete. (Social media)

The Internet is a cruel place, and while celebrities live off attention on social media, sometimes some photos really needn't be shared with even the closest of their friends and family, let alone their fans!

We don't need to see Nawal al Zoghbi posting in her kitchen, nor do we care if Myriam Klink is standing in the snow in her bikini anymore. On the other hand, some photos need to be shown respect and not be made fun of by cyber trolls. 
In honor of the weird and wonderful world of celebrity social media, here are 8 photos Arab starlets were forced to delete from their social media accounts:
1. Poor Laila Elwi had to delete this photo with her son because online bullies wouldn't cut him any slack for being overweight. 

2. Angham's mama didn't escape online trolls' fat comments either.
3. Samira Said was made so much fun of for wearing this macaroni-esque dress. #WhatWereYouThinking
4. Sherine Abdel Wahab's inappropriate pose with her career advisor didn't sit too well with her conservative fans.
5. Neither did that photo of her crying. Seriously, who photographs themselves crying?
6. Haifa Wehbe strangely deleted this very normal photo of her for no apparent reason!
7. Elissa was made fun of for looking too... well you get the picture!
8. And later she had the cheek to make out this was her concert, when in fact it was David Guetta's concert!

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