After Many Racist Comments on Syrians.. Nidal Al-Ahmadieh Insults Assala: 'She's Sniffing Drugs'

Published January 25th, 2021 - 12:26 GMT
After Many Racist Comments About Syrians.. Nidal Al-Ahmadieh Insults Assala 'She's Sniffing Drugs'

'She's absolutely out of her mind!'

Editor in Chief Lebanese Nidal Al-Ahmadieh has been trending in the media last week after sharing racist comments on Syrian refugees residing in Lebanon.

In a video, Nidal said that she doesn't eat at restaurants or order food via delivery service any more because she feels disgusted of the people working in this field,  claiming that they are Syrians who have occupied these jobs.


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She added that Syrians deliver her food while picking their noses, and that disgusts her.

In another video, Al-Ahmadieh herself declared that she's racist.


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Without any doubt, Nidal Al-Ahmadieh's racist comments subjected her to a massive criticism and trolling attack.

One commentator wrote: 'Where is Assala to teach you discipline once again?'

Brazenly, Nidal responded: 'She's sniffing drugs.'

Again, Nidal was heavily attacked for involving Assala Nasri out of no where, as followers starting asking official authorities to hold her accountable for crossing the line.

As a response to Al-Ahmadieh, followers re-shared an old video of Assala Nasri describing Nidal Al-Ahmadieh as a 'psychopath'.

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