After Visiting Ahed Al Tamimi, Mohammed Assaf Bothered by the Invasion of His Private Life

Published August 16th, 2018 - 12:27 GMT
Al Tamimi joined Assaf on stage while he was singing the anthem "Alli Al Koofiyeh" (Source: mohammedassaf89 - Instagram)
Al Tamimi joined Assaf on stage while he was singing the anthem "Alli Al Koofiyeh" (Source: mohammedassaf89 - Instagram)

Written by Zaid Bawab

'Arab Idol' Mohammed Assaf is currently spending a short vacation in Palestine before getting back to work, as he decided to meet a symbol of resistance Ahed Al Tamimi as soon as he got to Palestine to congratulate her for her freedom as part of the "Al Ahd wal Wafaa Li Asrana Al Abtal" festival, that was held last Saturday in Ramallah.

The blonde haired symbol of freedom got up on stage with the beloved singer while he was singing the anthem "Alli Al Koofiyeh" (Raise 'Al Kufiya').

The Palestinian singer has been away from social media for a while and is preparing to release his new song soon which will be in an Iraqi accent and will be finally released on the first day of Eid Al Adha (The 22nd of August) after lots of postponing, as he is putting the last touches on it.

The song is composed by Ali Saber and arranged by Othman Abboud. Mohammed revealed it is different than what he has released before and has high hopes for it.

After taking part in many concerts in the past few months, the "La Wayn Brouh?" (Where Do I Go?) the hitmaker decided to get a brief resting period amongst his friends and family which made him a bit absent on social media, yet he is due to be back on track soon with a new concert in the Arab American University in Jenin after it was postponed to the 24th of August (the fourth day of Eid Al Adha), which marks the first concert for Assaf there.

In another story, Assaf recently stated that the most thing that bothers him is invading his private life which makes him limit his presence on social media platforms, and limit what he shares to work and concert related posts.

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