Ahmad Al Sakka undergoes surgery

Published October 7th, 2011 - 02:45 GMT
Ahmad Al Sakka
Ahmad Al Sakka

Prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Al Sakka underwent a leg surgery earlier this week after he was injured at a fitness club. While the actor was performing his daily workout at the gym, his leg was wounded and was immediately taken to hospital. At the hospital, Ahmad had 10 stitches done to treat his wound.


On a different note, Ahmad has been busy filming the scenes for his upcoming film “Al Maslaha”, where he plays the role of a police officer specializing in capturing drug smugglers. The film stars prominent Egyptian actors Hanan Turk, Zeina, Ahmad Muneer, Salah Abdallah and Syrian actress Kinda Alloush. The film is written and produced by Wael Abdallah and directed by Sandra Nash’at.



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