Al Hayba Al Rad Season 4 Makes a Strong Debut (Video)

Published November 2nd, 2020 - 07:29 GMT
Al Hayba Al Rad Season 4 Makes a Strong Debut (Video)

"Prestige becomes a forest, people are uproared, and yobs are unleashed on each other with no one to deter them."

A line that summarizes the reality of the village of Al Hayba at the beginning of the first episode of the fourth season on Lebanese channel  MTV. A quote that prompts us to predict the amount of excitement and action that awaits us this season.

The first ten minutes of the first episode answer all the questions of the final scene of the third season of the series Al Hayba Al Hasaad (The Prestige The Harvest), when Jabal Sheikh al-Jabal, his wife Nour Rahma and his child Sultan were subjected to an armed assault.

The majority of the stars are still alive in Al Hayba Al Rad, such as Jabal Sheikh al-Jabal (Taim Hassan), his brother Sakher (Uwais Makhlati), his mother, Umm Jabal (Mona Wassef), his sister Mona (Rozina Ladqani) and his cousin Shaheen (Abdo Shaheen) in addition to the head of his security guard and his right hand Abu Ali (Nazem Issa).

Director, Samer Al-Barqawi, managed from the first minutes to draw viewers' attention.

He followed the events and developments that took place in the village of Al Hayba since its leader (Jabal Sheikh Al-Jabal) was exposed to an armed ambush, which led to shuffling the story cards again.

As for the most prominent absentees from this season, Cyrine Abdel Nour, who played media personality Nour Rahma in the third season, who Jabal fell in love with and married her, but she was killed in the armed ambush.

As well as actor Khaled Al-Sayed (Uncle Abu Shaheen), Syrian actor Najah Safkouni (uncle of Jabal) and Joseph Bou Nassar (the businessman Tharwat).

Adel Karam is one of the new names to participate in the new season. He will play a prominent role as (Nimr Saeed) in Al Hayba Al Rad.

Syrian actress Dima Kandalaft joined Adel Karam as a new addition to Al Hayba, but she did not make a debut in the first episode.

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