AlBawaba Pick: Breakthrough Artists of 2018 in the Arab World

Published December 19th, 2018 - 08:20 GMT
Who is the Breakthrough Artist of 2018 in the Arab World
Who is the Breakthrough Artist of 2018 in the Arab World

Written by Zaid Bawab

2018 has been a vibrant year when it comes to Arab pop music with long awaited releases from talented singers who did not really get to stardom before, and fresh releases from new rising singers.

This is our Al Bawaba pick for the songs and singers that managed to breakthrough this year.

Hala Al Turk

The teenage starlet has been in the limelight since her memorable audition as a kid in ‘Arabs got Talent’. Yet, this year as she becomes 16 her music is drifting away from children targeted songs and taking a new direction which was obvious in one of this summer’s biggest Arabic anthems “Mamnou Al Lames” that was shot in the United States and gave her her first official pan Arab hit.

Mamnoo Ellames - Hala Al Turk

Esraa Al Asel

The Jordanian born Iraqi singer is 23 and has been releasing singles for a couple of years now, yet with over 100 Million Views for her single “Aroosa”, she proved that she might be the Iraqi female voice to watch out for.

Arosa - Esraa Al Asel

Mohamed Ramadan

As an actor, Mohamed Ramadan is certainly not a new name and it is not unexpected that his films and series would top the charts. Yet, when the actor decided to sing and release his challenging and snobby song titled “Number One” not many were impressed yet many seem to have enjoyed the controversial song as it made Ramadan get Youtube’s Golden play button reward for one million subscribers.

NUMBER ONE - Mohamed Ramadan


Hamza Namira
The Egyptian alternative singer has been successful for years now, yet his release “Dari Ya Albi” could be considered his first mainstream success and is certainly one of this years most played songs.

Dari Ya Alby - Hamza Namira

Nina Abdelmalak
The Egyptian beauty finally managed to release her first album “Eza” late last year, yet with the release of the music video for the title song “Eza”, the young songstress certainly managed to turn heads and land her first club “must play” track.

Eza Hajarta - Nina Abdel Malak

Adham Nabulsi
The Jordanian singer has been releasing hit after hit for the past couple of years. Yet his success was massive this year as he concluded 2018 with the instant hit “Howeh El Hob” that got millions of views in no time shaking the thrones of many preceders.

Howeh El Hob - Adham Nabulsi

Abeer Nemeh
Better late than never! We have been rooting for Abeer Nemeh for years. The spectacular singer who has been singing the soundtracks of our favorite Lebanese films finally managed to release her first music video and it certainly did not disappoint with its breathtaking cinematic visuals and has certainly paved the way for her journey to mainstream success.

Waynak - Abeer Nehme

Ayman Amin
Two years ago, Ayman Amin was a contestant that did not make it to the finals in the voice kids. Yet, the kid whose memorable colored eyes and strong voice captivated many viewers managed to release a single titled “Enti w Bass” that you must have heard going through MENA region this year even if you did not know it is this young star singing.

Enti w Bas - Ayman Amin

Maritta Hallani
It has been a big year for Assi Al Hallani’s own daughter Maritta. The young beauty who has proved she is taking a career in the limelight seriously managed to release her debut album that was preceded with many singles that received a relatively positive feedback, and her fresh sound certainly made many listeners and viewers know she is there to stay.

Akher Marra - Maritta Hallani

Mohamed El Majzoub
The Xfactor most famous title holder has had hits before, yet has always seemed to be struggling with video production. The Syrian singer seems to have finally found the right team and he sounds and looks fresher than ever, especially in the catchy oriental infused dance track “Tole El Nhar” that could be easily named one of 2018’s best Arabic releases.

Mohamed El Majzoub - Tole' El Nahar

Adham Seliman

Last year it was Abu with “3 daqat” and this year had to have another Egyptian anthem for an act that we hope would not be another one hit wonder. With a simple one shot beachside music video for a song titled “Ya Samra”, Adham Sleiman managed to have one of this years most played Arabic songs.

Adham Seliman - Ya Samra

Anthony Touma

The Voice France finalist and dancing with the stars Arabia winner finally released his world standard English album this year and his music video for “For You” song was highly played on Lebanese TV channels and highly praised by viewers.

Anthony Touma - Over You 

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