All Married Couples Cheat? Nancy Ajram Disses Wael Kffouri's 'Liberal' Statements (Video)

Published September 12th, 2018 - 01:29 GMT
Nancy seems to play it safe professionaly and personally at least since she got married (Source: nancyajram - Instagram)
Nancy seems to play it safe professionaly and personally at least since she got married (Source: nancyajram - Instagram)

Written by Zaid Bawab

Nancy Ajram replied to Wael Kffouri's recent statements about how all married couples cheat on each other.

During an interview on the show 'the Insider' Nancy said that Wael Kffouri's comments about the failure of the marriage as an institution are due to the fact that he went through a failed marriage experience, and that most of the people do not share his same thoughts. Watch video below.

Nancy seems to play it safe professionaly and personally at least since she got married, with the exception of her 2014 music video "Ma Teegi Hina" (Come Over) which could be arguably her biggest hit in years. 

In her interviews there is evidence of a rather traditional approach and mindset to life, or one that tries to steer away from angering the traditional Arab mindset as much as possible. This safe approach seems to be working but for how long?

In another statement replying to a question about the gender of her unborn child and what difference could make, Nancy replied that she already has her daughters' baby's bed, and she would only change the colors if a baby boy was born.

While one of Lebanon's biggest superstars Ajram, still holds on to gender stereotypes, universal superstar Pink gave a speech at the VMAs last year that touched on her approach towards parenting. Watch video below.

Maybe we expected more from Ajram who never seemed to show that "Orthodox" side of her in the past which we would like to believe increased her popularity in the early to mid two thousands.

Yet, while the world seems to move on to embracing a gender neutral environment or at least trying to, the Arab world including one of its most liberal countries (Lebanon), and some of its biggest pop stars, seem to be generally behind with the changes.

This leaves us thinking that the liberal side we like about Nancy, coule be a reflection of the mindset of the teams and individuals working around her, and does not reflect her personally.

This was pretty obvious in the way Ajram tackled her rainbow flags removal incident from her latest Sweden concert, and her statement that considered homosexuality a choice or a form of personal freedom even if the decision to remove the blags was not hers or her management's.

Nancy ,and her management, have to do some serious thinking at this point about what to do with her especially, after her latest single "Badna Nwalle Al Jaw" (Let's Fire Up the Atmosphere) could be said to sound outdated, redundant and juvenile.

Even Lebanon's youngest starlet Marritta Hallani would be hesitant to release while Ajram's biggest rivals Elissa and Haifa seem to know exactly what they are doing, stepping up their game, and riding the tide of change socially and musically.

Ajram could fall into what older names in the industry faced (like Golden Star Nawal Al Zoghbi), and could have to hand the throne of the middle east's sweetheart to someone else, because honestly after a series of incidents she seems not to have what it takes to keep it anymore, if her mindset and image continuously proves to be stubborn and not up to date.

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