Angela Bechara: I Was Shutout by Wael Kfoury.. And We Cohabited for One Year (Video)

Published March 23rd, 2021 - 08:22 GMT
Angela Bechara: I Was Cancelled by Wael Kfoury.. And We Cohabited for One Year (Video)

For the first time, Angela Bechara, the ex-wife of Lebanese songster Wael Kfoury, has appeared in an interview with Al-Jadeed TV revealing many secrets of her previous marriage to Wael.

Angela Bechara revealed that she's a Lebanese citizen born in Washington, USA, where she stayed until the age of ten. Then she returned to Lebanon to finish her studies, and got married at the age of 24.

Angela added during her appearance with journalist Ali Yassin that she is never bothered to affix the word "Wael Kfoury's ex" to her name, because that is the truth, but that cannot eliminate her personality and presence in life.

Bechara pointed out that she is not against the idea of cohabitation before marriage, provided that it should be between engagement and marriage, revealing that she cohabited for a year.

Angela Bishara continued: 'It is very difficult to live with a famous person, and there is no love without jealousy, so we were both jealous on each other. Marriage is the highest institution in life, which considers children, continuity and partnership its fruit, but when one of them cancels the second party, then marriage and partnership are nullified.'

Angela indicated that she draws her strength from her two daughters, Michelle and Milana, who are the focus of her life, and she sacrifices every second for them, and will continue to make sacrifices in honor of them, pointing out that she forgets her fatigue every time they tell her: "You are the best mother in this life."

Bechara considered that courts are unjust when they do not pronounce the truth and deprive a mother of her children, and this is the case of a number of mothers in what she described as "our male society", stressing that a child must live with his mother.

Angela went on to talk about various topics related to her private life.

'I have been alienated, and this matter has become a thing of the past, and I am ready to live a new stage of my life, especially since there are a lot of bastards who were considered an obstacle to many settlements in the past.'

Angela Bechara revealed that she was annoyed by the way journalist Rima Njeim announced the news of her separation from Wael Kfoury, and was surprised by her behavior, wishing she would continue to practice her media role, instead of playing the role of a judge who pronounces judgments on air.

Bechara also touched on the relationship between her and controversial Lebanese journalist Nidal Al-Ahmadieh, and indicated that she had a personal dispute with her, and that she had contacted Nidal and asked her not to publish false news.

Angela explained that Nidal Al-Ahmadieh agreed to her request, but the next day she was surprised that Nidal and her magazine had talked badly about Angela's family.

'Nidal Al-Ahmadieh has issues with herself, and I figured out that I will not find a solution with her, so may God forgive her. Her attacks no longer annoy me, so she may talk about me as much as she likes.'

Angela Bechara also blamed MP Hadi Hobeish, lawyer of her ex-husband Wael Kfoury, whom she considered an old friend of the family, and she resorted to him, but he took sides in the lawsuit,  although he has children and was well aware of the difficulties of this life, but he saw that Angela was the weakest link being a woman, and power is always an ally of the strongest.

Angela Bechara concluded her interview by stressing the need for parents to remain friends after the divorce, in order to serve the interests of their children.

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