Arabs Got Talent: So Far So Mediocre?

Published April 25th, 2012 - 05:16 GMT
Arabs Got Talent has returned to our screens for the second season
Arabs Got Talent has returned to our screens for the second season

The second season of Arabs Got Talent is truly underway. The third episode of the latest Arabs Got Talent - the show that invites talent to step up to the plate in Arab lands - saw much in the way of dramatic twists and turns, crashes and landings. But in talent terms, there was more silliness and mediocrity than jaw-dropping talent. Early days yet, thogh.

From bravery across the region of Jordan, through Morocco, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, here are some of the highlights of last week's Arabs Got Talent. In the judges corner though, while mildly entertaining, it's more a case of "Still haven't found what I'm looking for."

The episode made an arresting opening with the Palestinian contestant Mohammed Atta who show-cased his impersonation talents... of animals! His diverting portfolio including the sounds of birds, a chicken clucking before laying an egg, a chicken after laying an egg, a traditional turkey, and the sound of Donald Duck. He then imitated the sound of a fly, which really tickled Judge Nasser Al Qasabi into a fit of chuckles. The entertainment escalated, as the Palestinian contestant imitated the sound of a baby, not before finally closing up his act to the tune of cats.

A Jordanian street vendor called Subhi Al Masalmeh caused yet another eruption of laughter from the judges of Arabs Got Talent, as well as from the audience with his improvisation after an exceptional performance on stage. His act had involved him using his grilled corn vending cart, backed by some very rudimentary musical instruments. The household name, Najwa Karam, asked to meet his wife. And with that, his other half Rania appeared on stage. The performer then mockingly kissed her, triggering another wave of laughter.

Ramzi, an Egyptian contestant on the show performed a real balancing act, were he stood on a cylinder atop a wooden board. He placed 12 empty glasses on the board then stood on them. Despite of the fact that the Egyptian contestant did not succeed in standing on the empty glasses for a long period of time; he fell and took out a lot of broken glass with him, he earned the respect of the judges who felt that their hearts stop when Hussien fell.

Sudanese contestant, Ahmad Aljili, played the harmonica in a rather peculiar manner, declaring that he had passed the phase of playing with his mouth. Therefore, he chose to play a Celine Dion song on the harmonica with his nose. What else? According to Najwa, Aljili was spot on with his musical notes, while media man Ali Al Jaber, often the spoiler or the Simon Cowell of the show, thought otherwise, rebuking him for 'spoiling' the song.

Two Lebanese 'soul' sisters, Qamar and Noor, performed an amazing acrobatic feat which wowed the judges. Ali Al Jaber, protested the the absence of a safety net. The girls responded that were so well-practiced that they could go without. Meanwhile, funny-man, Naser Al Qasabi forecast a successful future for the daring duo.

The Saudi rap singer Yehya, captured the critical eye of the judges. Ali Jaber told him that, from the words that he managed to  understand, he liked it. Najwa Karam, a touch picky in her tastes perhaps, said, it was the first time she'd heard rap that got so much on her nerves, while and Naser Al Qasabi praised his performance.

The Moroccan group 'Rabat Funk', impressed the judges with a dance  choreography to one of Michael Jackson's songs. Naser Al Qabasi told them, in Saudi Arabia there is a saying that goes,"The living awaken us", concluding, "You have awoken us."

A Jordanian child, Ahmad Adiylat, astounded the judges with his skills in basketball, despite his extraordinarily young 5 years. He was able to score more than once, and the judges were charmed by his innocence. After his performance, it was Najwa's turn to make predictions, betting that "This kid will lead Jordan (not Michael!) to the Basketball World Championship in ten years time".

Mohannad Suleiman Al Jameeli,  a Saudi Arabian, sharing  but one resemblance  with Turkish TV-soap heart-throb "Mohannad"; his name! His awkward looks caused another outburst of pandemonium among the judges, laughing even before he got started. However his actual performance was not so funny as his spontaneous conversation. He was advised to stick to improvisation next time, going easy on the acting.

The Palestinian contestant Ammar Abu Ajeenah, from Canada, surprised the judges and the audience alike by performing "Beat Boxing". Naser marveled, telling him that "there are times that you cannot say anything but how great you are".

The episode ended with the Tunisian Bashira Bhaket, who was able with her lightning performance to bring the house down with her boisterous music, causing the audience to break into dance. After she was done with her act, Ali had this to say: "I may not know a lot about D J- ing; however, this infectious energy of yours affected me. This is something new and  nice, and I would love to see it again". Encore une fois! More please, says the judge to the contestant!


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