Najwa Karam Threatens Judge Jaber

Published April 17th, 2012 - 12:00 GMT
Najwa Karam judges for Arab Talent
Najwa Karam judges for Arab Talent

It seems that the competition on "Arabs Got Talent" with the second season underway is heating up much more than in its debut from 2011, 'judging' at least from the action of the second episode. In the hunt for Arab talent, Arab passions run high.

For the first time on the show's history, Ali Jaber overstepped his limits in the judge seat, with fellow Judge Najwa Karam. The incident that sparked the inter-judicial mock-spat occurred during a Jordanian contestant's audition. The homemaker-mother Mrs. Nancy Abdo (who felt that having served her time fully embracing motherhood, it was now her turn to fulfill her life long dream of singing).

NajwaKaram's slow on the buzzer

She began singing Fairuz's "Habeitak Bel Seif" and within seconds the expression on Ali Jabber's face exposed a pronounced agitation with her voice, causing him to press his rejection buzzer. A few moments later the third judge, Naser Al Qasabi followed suit. The two judges waited impatiently for Najwa to press her buzzer, to pull the plug on Nancy's audition. When she did not follow the cue, Ali Jaber punched her buzzer instead, just to stop the singing! This is when Najwa jokingly threatened Ali by saying," if you ever touch my buzzer again..." then fading out.

The competition is still in the early rounds, with the first episode in season two of Arabs Got Talent airing just a fortnight ago. The judge panel consists of of Lebanese academic Ali Jaber, Lebanese singer Najwa Karam and Saudi actor Naser Al Qasabi, who replaced the journalist Amer Adeeb who appeared in the first season.

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