Asala Shows Love to her Husband Faeq Hasan on Their First Wedding Anniversary

Published June 22nd, 2022 - 09:35 GMT
Asala announced her marriage in September of 2021
Asala announced her marriage in September of 2021

'This day last year I was born for a second time' Asala captioned on a picture of her and her husband Faeq Hasan celebrating their first anniversary.

Asala continued: ''Faeq is the dream, he is the man that was able to erase all the negatives, he gifted me a new me so I can enjoy every single moment of this life''


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She added: ''thank god for your presence, my lover, my mentor, and my rock, you are my home that I found after years of being lost, I hope I stay with you every year in peace'' 

And she shared, through her Instagram story a picture of a cake, with a picture of the love-birds printed on it.

Asala announced her marriage to Faeq through an Instagram message, in which she wrote, "From the time I knew him, he is the closest to myself as a dear friend, with whom I hold all respect and a lot of trust.. and for a moment that transformed our feelings.. Everything between us is common and our relationship is based on our solid friendship and sincere love.. With him, I felt amazing, because he is like what I have always wished for''


A post shared by Assala (@assala_official)

She continued, "Together we respect all our responsibilities and we know perfectly well that the best thing we give is love. We will teach our children how life continues and can be filled with hope, determination, love and sincerity, and we will give them this good feeling as a provision for tomorrow. I will always be a source of happiness and reassurance for my loved ones, my friends, and all those around me..''


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