Assala Announces Marriage to Husband Number FOUR

Published September 13th, 2021 - 07:38 GMT
Assala nasri gets married who is new husband Faik Hassan

Syrian songstress Assala Nasri has tied the knot for the fourth time. The lucky man this time is the business manager of Iraqi artist Majid Al-Mohandis, Iraqi composer Faik Hassan.

The Ya Magnoon hitmaker revealed the happy news on Instagram by posting a picture with her new hubby and writing a lengthy message.

Assala wrote: 'Since the time I have known him, he is the closest to myself as a dear friend, with whom I hold all the respect and a lot of trust. A moment changed our feelings.. We have everything in common and our relationship is based on our friendship and sincere love.. With him I felt fine, like I always wished and more, he understood me without explanation and understood him without pretension. He is clear and I am spontaneous, so we together begin as if we were just born,'


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She added: 'Together, we respect all our responsibilities and know that the best thing we give is love. We will teach our children how life continues and gets more beautiful with hope, determination, love and sincerity, and we will give them this good feeling as a pantry for tomorrow, which we hope will be without any harm,'

Assala thanked her fans for their wide interaction with her marriage to Faik Hassan, and commented: 'I thank your kind hearts that were happy for me.. I pray to God that I will always be a source of happiness and reassurance for my loved ones, my friends and all those around me,'

As for Faik Hassan, Assala honored him and wrote: 'And for the dear beloved and friend, who is destined to be a world in which I live in, my husband (Faik Hassan), all the feelings I have gathered include great love, safety and striving to make you happy.. I know that you share the same feeling and covenant with me. For the first time, I declare in front of the beloved people my great love for you and for your kind, noble, upscale person.'

The Syrian singer concluded her message by wishing a peaceful life to herself and her fans.

Faik Hassan, 52, is Assala Nasri's fourth husband, after businessman Ayman Al-Dhahabi, director Tarek Al-Arian, and an Egyptian parliamentarian.

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