Bassma Boussel To Tamer Hosny: "I'm Reckless Because I Love You, Sorry" Then She Posts This Song for Ariana Grande

Published November 17th, 2020 - 09:11 GMT
 Bassma Boussel To Tamer Hosny: "I'm Reckless Because I Love You, Sorry" Then She Posts This Song for Ariana Grande

It's been an emotional rollercoaster for Tamer and Bassma, but things seems to be back to normal now.

Since last Friday, marriage of Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny and Morrocan fasion designer Bassma Boussel has been at stake.

Bassma had announced that she and Tamer are preparing divorce papers and she made the solo decision public by sharing it with her 4.7 million Instagram followers.

Excessive jealousy from Bassma's side was the reason behind this feud, as confirmed by Tamer's response yesterday.

In the latest development of their story, Bassma has regretted posting those words telling Tamer via Instagram stories: "I was really reckless, only because I love you Tamer, sorry."

The former Moroccan singer also shared Ariana Grande's song "Just Like Magic" focusing on this part: "Say I'm looking at my phone, but I'm tryna disconnect it, read a f***ing book, I be tryna stay connected."


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Yesterday, Tamer Hosny has responded to Bassma's bombshell statements explaining why he made it public too, concluding his lengthy response with "reckless, but I love you."

He wrote:

"My beloved Bassma, unfortunately you didn't think quite well and you lent your ears to social media because of a few ridiculous comments, which made you forget that you first knew me when I was famous and this is the nature of my job that you knew me through and loved me for,"

"How could they make you upset and aloof for a while. What's important is that I won't get upset with you, and I'm not satisfied seeing you upset either, you are my lover and the mother of my children, I'm your support whatever happens,"

"What I'd like to say is that let us be a reason of awareness to so many people, why is it that when someone gets upset they go to social media and write about it?! Why don't they talk first?! What does the public have to do with a personal issue between two people that could have been resolved over a phone call or a merciful visit, as if it was an issue in the first place,"

"God has given us love and mercy. For that reason, you know that there are people who have it in their nature to destroy families and we will never get rid of them, but you are the one who needs to get rid of the idea of listening to them, although you were not like this before,"

"I wish you focus on the people who made an effort and prayed for us and for our children in abundance. And I really would like to thank all the people and artists who sought good for us,"

"I'm sure that you are now upset because you wrote that, it's a reckless behavior from you, but don't worry it's not a shame when a person makes mistakes and learns from them, I've always taught you and will still teach you more,"

"I would have preferred if this talk has remained between us, but you have shared it with the kind audience, so I had to respond here,"

"There is precious love between us and a generous life, and our kids and home are the most precious things in it. May God preserve us for them and keep them for us. Reckless but I love you."

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