Korean Drama Big Mouth: Episodes 1-2-3 [Recap]

Published August 21st, 2022 - 10:03 GMT
Big Mouth
Big Mouth It premiered on MBC TV on July 29, 2022 (Source Facebook)
"I'm the real 'Big Mouth'." Lee Jong-seok, I Became a Genius Scammer to Protect My Family.

"Big Mouth" Lee Jong-seok woke up as a genius con artist to protect his family and became the strongest in the food chain of Gucheon Prison.  

MBC's Friday-Saturday drama "Big Mouth", which aired on the 5th, recorded 8.1% in the Seoul metropolitan area, 7.6% nationwide, and 3.3%, breaking its own highest ratings and continuing its dominance on Friday-Saturday dramas.

In particular, the scene where a psychopath's death row is aiming for the life of Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok) soared to 9.9 percent, giving him tension that made his hands sweat (based on Nielsen Korea).

Ordinary lawyer Park Chang-ho awakened as "Big Mouth," the king of the dark world, to protect his family against the pouring death touches from all sides.

Big Mouth

Park Chang-ho, who failed all plans to prove his innocence by death and was trapped in solitary confinement, was confused as to who made him a 'Big Mouth'.

In the meantime, prison chief Park Yoon-gap (Jung Jae-sung) came up with a clever idea to fill his pocket using Park Chang-ho's money, and the suspects in the murder of Gucheon Hospital tried to kill him by hiring people.

Park Chang-ho, who was at a crossroads between life and death, realized that he had to pretend to be a big mouth to protect his wife after hearing Park Yoon-gap's threat to ask for money for his family's life.

In response, Park Chang-ho, who began to lie, saying, "I'm a real big mouth," gradually showed life in his eyes. And he succeeded in defeating Park Yoon-gap by instigating prisoners of the lowest class in the same situation, and finally, Park Chang-ho reached the top of the food chain of Gucheon Prison.

While Park Chang-ho in the prison was becoming a real big mouth to protect his family, Ko Mi-ho (Lim Yoon-ah) was struggling to clear his innocence outside the prison. After moving to Gucheon Hospital, the center of the incident, she confirmed that she only pays huge consolation money to patients in the cancer ward on the 7th floor under the condition of banning cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Feeling suspicious, Ko Mi-ho tried to dig up the connection between the two, assuming that the paper of the deceased professor Seo Jae-yong (Park Hoon) would be related.

He then faced Park Chang-ho in the prison under the guise of an interview with a lawyer.

Park Chang-ho, who suffered from death threats throughout his imprisonment, pushed his wife away, but Ko Mi-ho did not give up, saying, "Then I will die after you."

After a brief reunion filled with tears, Park Chang-ho decided to survive for his family and find them who pushed his life into the gutter.

Park Chang-ho, who changed his face with the declaration, "I'm the real big mouth from now on," gradually expanded his power.

The suspects in the murder case, who were watching this, drew up a blueprint to block Park Chang-ho's mouth, and Park Chang-ho faced a crisis again under the acquiescence of Park Yoon-gap, the prison chief who received the price.

Big Mouth

To search for an unpublished paper by the deceased Seo Ko Mi-ho, who was out of the eyes of the hospital director Hyun Joo-hee (Ok Ja-yeon), questioned more about the guardian's words of the ward on the 7th floor, "Save my husband." Curiosity is growing as to how the cancer ward on the 7th floor and the unpublished papers will be connected.

Attempts to hide the truth of the incident continued inside the prison. The suspect's attack on Park Chang-ho, who knows the truth of the incident, began.

It surprised everyone by changing not only the inmates who had been threatening his life but also the psychopath death rower Tak Kwang-yeon (Yoo Tae-joo), who seemed to have been on Park Chang-ho's side.

I wonder if Park Chang-ho, who is threatened with his life on all sides, will be able to survive until the end and find someone who made him a big mouse. 

Written by Sondos Swed

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