Britney Spears' Ex Lover Claims She Wants a Daughter

Published June 27th, 2021 - 11:14 GMT
The 'Lucky' singer spoke in court for 30 minutes on Wednesday
The 'Lucky' singer spoke in court for 30 minutes on Wednesday
A former boyfriend of Britney Spears claims she wants a baby girl "more than anything" but was ordered to work instead.

The 'Lucky' singer spoke in court for 30 minutes on Wednesday (23.06.21) to urge a judge to lift the conservatorship she's been under since 2008, branding the situation "abusive" and comparing her situation to "sex trafficking" because she was allegedly forced to perform against her will and had been blocked from marrying her partner Sam Asghari or having children with him.

And now one of her ex-lovers - who refused to give his name out of fear of retribution - has told how Britney has longed for a daughter for many years but those in charge of her affairs, including her father Jamie Spears, "kept her from that".

He told the New York Post newspaper: “What she wants more than anything is to have a baby girl. That’s all she’s ever wanted, really. They kept her from that. They told her she had to do the Vegas show instead.”
Britney told the court she'd had an IUD contraceptive device implanted but wasn't allowed to have it removed, which her former boyfriend - who she dated for two years - wasn't aware of.

He said: “I just assumed they were giving her birth control pills every day since there was no way they’d let her get pregnant when there was the Vegas show to do.”

The man is worried conditions for the 'Toxic' singer have worsened since they were together as she was allowed her own phone and to ride in his car back then, though she didn't have control of her social media accounts.

By contrast, Britney told the court she wanted Sam "to be able to drive me in his f****** car” and to be able to remove her IUD.

Despite the restrictions on Britney's life, the man insisted it didn't hinder their sex life.

He said: "That was normal. Britney was by herself in the house. That part was OK.”

But he admitted the 'Womanizer' hitmaker was terrified to speak up about the situation because she was worried she'd be banned from contact with her and ex-husband Kevin Federline's two sons, 15-year-old Sean Preston and 14-year-old Jayden.

He said: “She was afraid to rebel or speak out because she was worried they’d totally take her kids away.

"The whole family was making money off her. Her father made at least $200,000 a year off her while she got only a $2,000-a-week allowance. He’s a f****** loser. The only thing he ever did was run a smoothie shop or something, and that went bankrupt. Without Britney’s money he wouldn’t have anything.”

The former boyfriend claimed he and Britney were spied on by her assistants, who "tattled" to Jamie, and he himself would be "penalised" if he did or suggested doing something with the star that the conservators didn't like.

However, he declined to explain how he was punished in case it led to him being identified.

But he added: “They want her not to feel human and to emasculate her boyfriends. It was all a big psychological mindf***."

The former boyfriend felt it was "correct" to intervene in 2007 when Britney's life was spiralling out of control, but the measures should have ended when she got her life back on track.

Referring to Jamie, former co-conservator Andrew Wallet and Britney's ex-business manager Lou Taylor, he said: "All they had to do was help her straighten out, get clean and get with the right people.

“Instead they saw it as a way to get control of her, put her under their thumb and make money off her.”

The ex said he was most angry during Wednesday's hearing when the 'Circus' singer's court-appointed lawyer, Samuel D. Ingham III, said his client had never asked to end the conservatorship.

He fumed: “She asked him four or five times a week to end the conservatorship and they would always give her some sort of BS.

“Ingham used the word ‘formally.’ What does that even mean when someone calls you four times a week [asking], ‘How do I end this?’ … I hope she sues the s*** out of them for this. I will testify if it comes to that.”

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